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Chapter 41: First Day of Work


It was finally time for the graduation ceremony at the high school that Yuuma went to.

There were so many guests watching the inside, the ceremony began with the speech from the headmaster.

Naturally, Yuuma, Kaede, and Rui had also attended their graduation ceremony; it was an emotional, last special event of their high-school life.

Thus, the ceremony went without a hitch.

Yuuma left the school as soon as the ceremony had ended without going into the class to meet his classmates.

He felt the gentle breeze caressing his cheek.

The sakura trees planted on the roadside that he saw from faraway had yet to bloom in its full glory.

In one of Yuuma’s hands was an exaggerated, A3 size high school diploma, he looked up with an emotional look at the school building in which he spent the three years of his high school.


――I’ve finally graduated from high school eh…


When he was immersed in such nostalgia, someone tapped his shoulder from behind.




When he turned around, he saw the figure of Kaede, and Rui walking to his direction.


「Going back already We’re going to have a tour and take photos with the teachers and everyone, do you want to come with us, Yuuma」

「Sorry but, please spare me from such troublesome activity.」


He politely rejected Kaede’s invitation.

The truth was, he wanted to follow them along but he was too embarrassed to say that.

Rui who arrived behind Kaede who puffed her cheeks opened his mouth.


「The same as ever, eh.」

「Rui! It should be enough for you, right I mean, you love this kind of activity after all.」


「You’re right」 said Rui with a light smile on his face.

「GEEZ!」 Said Kaede the only one who got angered by the situation.


「I heard from Kaede that you’re not going to continue your study in university if you find a job, is that true」

「Uhm Ah, yeah.」


It’s been a long time since he had a proper conversation with Rui.

Even though they were often chatting about a lot of things and playing around in the old days.

Though their friendship remained the same as before, their conversation became rather awkward.


「I also heard that you’re accepted by the dungeon-affiliated company, is that true」

「Uh, well, it just as you heard but….」


The reason he didn’t want to tell Rui about this matter was mainly due to Rui’s influence in this area.


「I was really surprised.

I mean, I never know that you were actually interested in the dungeon.」

「Well, I guess the high-paying salary truly interested me.

That’s why after much consideration, I decided to find employment in a dungeon-related company.

Honestly, it is also an unexpected decision on my side.」


He spat out such a lame excuse but Rui just smiled wryly as if he had seen through the truth behind Yuuma’s remark.



But still, I’m really happy.

I mean, I’m also accepted in the dungeon-related company, which means we can have a mutual exchange of information later on!」


But, that have to wait until I can work appropriately, so I’ll make the full use of the first year to gain experience and become a full-fledged Explorer.」


Compared to Rui who found employment in Elcid, the biggest dungeon-related company in Japan, D-Minor company that accepted Yuuma was only a micro company among micro companies.

Yuuma didn’t want to meet Rui for the first year of his job until he became a full-fledged Explorer.

Despite such petty pride, his inferiority complex toward Rui wasn’t that big a deal.


「Uhm, sure enough, even though I don’t know the basis for that claim.

Let’s meet again once you become a full-fledged Explorer, Yuuma!」



The two did a handshake as each of them acknowledged the other’s departure to a new page of their life.

「I found employment too though!」 was what Kaede said with a pouty look on her face.

After seeing off the two returning to the school building, Yuuma heaved a sigh and left the school.

The new page of my life started the moment I stepped out of this gate.

I wouldn’t be able to meet them with a smile on my face if I failed to become a full-fledged Explorer in my first year.


Yuuma pondered as he turned around to see the building of his high school.




「Yo~~~sh! This is the first day of work for Yuuma.

Let’s kick in the high gear!」


The loud voice of the President resounded in the office.

Yuuma came to D-Minor’s office in Chiba.

And just as the President had said, today was going to be his first day at work.

Yuuma was really nervous since this was his first experience at work.


「Well, even if I said job, what we did are more simple.」


The President plop himself into his own chair in the innermost part of the office, crossed his leg, and lit his cigarette.


「Tanaka-san! Please explain the job to Yuuma.」



Tanaka carried the material on his desk and walked toward Yuuma.

He was still the same gentle-looking uncle but his bulging stomach was still swaying along with his step.

Yuuma couldn’t help but worry if it was really okay for this senior to work as an Explorer.


「Nice to meet you again, Yuuma-kun.

I’m Tanaka, I’ll be in charge of your training.」

「I’m looking forward to working with you!」

「The first thing to do is raise your “Mana Index”.」

「Raising… My mana index」

「Yes, I will have you fight the monster to raise your mana index.

Finally, we’re going to dive into the 『Red Dungen』.」

「The Red… Dungeon.」


When Yuuma gulped his spit upon hearing Tanaka’s remark, the President who enjoyed his cigarette opened his mouth.


「In short, we’re a sub-contractor to merchants, our company’s main job is supplying the bigger company with magic gems.

Our main commodity came from the red dungeon.

The “Fire Magic Gem”.」


According to the President, they need “Water Magic” to defeat the monster in the red dungeon more efficiently.

For that reason, his first job was to dive into 『Blue Dungeon』 in Musashino, defeat the monsters in there, and collect the dropped magic gem while raising his mana index.


「If it’s the 『Blue Dungeon』 in Musashino, it’s closer to my home!」

「Is that so Then does that mean you’ve visited that place before」


Hearing the President’s question, Yuuma opened his mouth with a proud look on his face.


「Yeah, I went there twice to defeat slime.」


Seeing the proud look on Yuuma’s face when he said those words, the President, Maika, and Tanaka couldn’t help but to giggle at him.


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