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Chapter 42: Enchanted Armament

「Well, let’s start with your weapon.

Come with me, Yuuma.」

The president left the office and went down the stairways.

Yuuma and Tanaka followed him from behind in a hurry.

When he asked Tanaka「Where are we going to」, the latter replied with 「Warehouse on the 2nd floor」.

He thought that they only used one floor as their office but, D-Minor seems to use the 2nd floor too.

The president opened the door of the 2nd floor, and went inside.

Yuuma and Tanaka followed him from behind.

The inside of the room was gloomy since the window was blanketed with a dusty curtain.

There were various tools left in a disorderly manner.

Something like a sword, or club was leaning against the shelf.

There was also something like a helmet or head protector.

The president took one of those and patted the dust off them.

「Cough, everything here isn’t used… Yuuma, you can choose your own gear from these.」

「You mean, my own weapon and armor」

「The weapon for the dungeon is a bit special.

Take this for example…」

The president took the club leaning on the shelf.

That club was a bronze-coloured club with a solemn atmosphere.

「This is 【Water Vein Club】, an enchanted armament made by Elcid.

The club itself will radiate pale blue light unique to water when you inject your mana into it while we’re inside the dungeon.」

「What is enchanted armament」

「Eh, you don’t know about enchanted armament Well, it might be useless for you with your lack of mana.

There’s this thing called “Colorless Mana”.

You see that you need to swallow magic gems to use magic, colorless mana will decrease as much as the amount of the mana index of the magic gem.

That phenomenon is called “Dyeing Mana”.」

「Dyeing… Mana.」

「Yes, the dyed mana become what you call “Magical Power”.

And the size of magical power is equal to your strength.」

One could use “Magic” only after mana changed into magical power.

Though Yuuma read about those in the book, it was easier for him to understand after hearing it from a pro Explorer, the president himself.

「Well, only qualified Explorers can use magic and fight monsters.

Most Explorers ain’t got enough “Magical Power” to use magic.

That’s why this enchanted armament never goes out of this place.

These fellas can deal a crazy amount of damage with a bit of magical power.

In short, it’s kinda like a weapon that has a magic-like effect.

It has a unique trait, namely the “Magic Gem” embedded in its core.」

「Do you mean that Elcid also created something like this」

「They’re actually world-class makers of dungeon weapons.

Elcid Company makes most weapon or armament in Japan.」

Yuuma received the club from the president and examined it.

The president told him that it wasn’t made from metal, it was made from some kind of ceramic.

「You can use it as long as you charge it with 70 magical power.

Though it’s possible to ask the third party to charge it with magical power, it isn’t as efficient as using your own magical power.」


「The place we’re going to visit is 『Blue Dungeon』.

Since it’s pretty stupid to use a water attributes to attack monsters who can use water magic, we’re going to use this.」

The president then pointed at the shelf beside the current one.

Lying over there was another weapon but it was clearly different from the one he held in his hand.

「And this is」

「This isn’t an enchanted armament.

It’s kinda like a stun gun.

It’s electric-charged-type stun gun can discharge electric shock with a press of a switch.」

「Electric charged type!」

「Yes, electrically charged battery.

It’s much weaker than thunder magic but it still works against monsters with water attributes.

You can choose whichever you like.」

「Even if you say whichever I like…」

Yuuma looked around the shelf.

And saw a weapon like a long pole on that shelf.

Yuuma put the electric baton and dagger in his hand on the table.

He grabbed the pole, and when he tried to press the switch around the hilt, he saw some electric discharge from its tip.

Though it was one of the popular stun gun type weapons, Yuuma couldn’t help but feel dejected to see that even pro Explorers using this kind of stun gun.

When Yuuma felt that he had no other choice but to use a weapon that substitute the effect of magic as someone who had yet to be able to use magic――

「Eh This, could it be…」

He noticed something at the edge of the shelf.

At first, he thought it was a stick but then, he was apparently mistaken.

He took it and wiped the dust that covered it.

It has a long and slender hilt and a huge piece of metal on its tip, the weapon looks like a hammer.

「That weapon huh.

How nostalgic.

I used it a lot in the past.」

「Is this your old weapon」

「Yeah, it’s among the first models of dungeon weapons made by Elcid.

I love its solid and heavy features though.

It’s already become an obsolete model after the more user-friendly stun gun and short sword type were produced.」

Tanaka also nodded along with the president’s story, it seems he also had a nostalgia with the weapon.

「I think you should use a user-friendly weapon too, Yuuma-kun.

That’s especially the case since you’re a beginner.

How about this short sword Though there’s no strong monster in a place where we’re going to visit after this, we have to be efficient in defeating them too.」

Tanaka gently suggested the short sword for Yuuma.

It was the advice from a pro-seeker.

But, maybe because of his habit of using a hammer to defeat the metal slime, the weapon with long and small handles felt better in his hands.

「My apologies, Tanaka-san.

I’m going to use this.」

「Is that so Well, I guess it really can’t be helped if you prefer that, Yuuma-kun.」

The president looked at their interaction with a smile on his face.

「Well, the best weapon of choice is the one that feels the best in your hand.

You can always choose another weapon if that one somehow doesn’t feel right in your hand.」

「Yes, thank you very much!」

「Indeed」 said Tanaka as he showed a look of agreement along the president’s remark.


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