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Chapter 43: Latest Model

「By the way, Does this weapon have a name」

「Uhm, it did have a long-ass official name but…」


The president said so with wrinkled eyebrows while scratching the back of his head.


「Ain’t remember its official name.

I called it “Pickel(ice ax)” though.」


「It’s a tool used for mount climbing.

We call the weapon pickel since its shape resembled one.

Right, Tanaka-san!」

「Yeah, I also can’t remember its other’s name.」


――Pickel… Yeah, I like that name better.

Let’s hunt a lot of monsters with this.


「Next is the protective gear.」


The president took a helmet and placed it on Yuuma’s head.


「Put this on.」

「Is this, a special helmet for dungeon exploration」

「Nope, it’s just your average helmet for a construction worker.」

「Construction worker…」


The president ignored Yuuma’s frown and took a pair of black leather boots.


「Hoi, put this on.」

「Could it be that this is…」

「Naturally, your normal boots for construction workers.

Well, no worries, this is the safest one.」


「And next is――」


The president went deeper into the room, opened the locker and took out something.

He came back and placed the item before Yuuma.


「Use this too.

Rubber glove.」

「Rubber glove」

「It’s important protective gear since you’re going to use a stun gun in a dungeon with a lot of water.

Rubber gloves and leather boots are important to protect yourself from electric discharge!」

「No, well, you’re right about that but still.

Is this really protective gear」

「It’s splendid protective gear!」

「By the way, is this rubber glove for construction workers too」

「Nope, this is for home use.」

「For home use」


「Okay, let’s head out」 said the president, ignoring the still dumbfounded Yuuma.

Since it couldn’t be helped, after getting all the necessary equipment, he went to 『Blue Dungeon』 along with Tanaka.




Fukuoka Prefecture, Onojo――

Five years ago, 『Green Dungeon』 appeared in Onojo’s integrated park.

A huge office building was built on top of a hole.

It was the office of various dungeon-related companies.

DeNA Elcid was one of those companies.

The entire 4th floor of the building was rented for the Fukuoka branch of Elcid.


「Over there.



Following the beckoning of Yoshioka, the Explorer of Fukuoka branch, Rui entered a black door with the faded tag 『Armory』 written on top of it.

Upon entering, he saw various armaments made by Elcid.


「Hahaha, amazing right Everything is the latest equipment.

Maybe only the Explorer of Elcid could use something like this hot stuff.」


Rui was also smiling happily following Yoshioka’s hearty laugh.

Just as Honda had said, Rui went to Fukuoka right after he graduated from the high school to train in the dungeon.

Today’s schedule was looking for suitable armament for him to use during the exploration.


「Yeah, everything here is top quality.

I’ve only ever seen them in the magazine.」

「Well, Elcid won’t be stingy when it comes to training their own Explorer.」



Yoshioka, who stood before Rui, was the leader of Exterminator, Fukuoka branch’s Explorer team.

Though he was by no means tall, his body was really muscular.

He looks more like a proud craftsman thanks to his crew cut.


「Let’s start with protective gear.

The suit you’re wearing right now is a stab-proof suit but that’s not enough.

You still have to wear another protector on top of that.」


Currently, Rui wore a tight suit with a base colour of grey and white.

Though he had no idea what kind of materials it was made of, there was no doubt about its robustness.

Yoshioka took an order-made protector for Rui from the locker and placed it on top of the long desk at the centre of the room.

His knees and shin, chest, spine and back, inner pants, shoulders and elbows, literally covered almost all parts of his body.

There were also white gloves and boots, and the last thing Yoshioka took out was a helmet.

The helmet was a full-faced type of helmet coloured in black and white.


「That’s all for now.

Everything is stab-proof and heat-resistant.

Since there are many monsters who could use wind magic in the green dungeon, it’s also slash-resistant.」

「This helmet is…」

「Oh, you know about it eh.

This helmet is a lump of the latest technology.

Communication function aside, the visor is also equipped with night vision and lenses for farsight.

You will receive support from the AI too since it’s connected to the internet.

That’s why this helmet is…」


Yoshioka took the white glove and showed it to Rui.


「You see the LCD over here right it’ll monitor your vital sign and time.

Physical management is part of the job after all.

You should tell me as soon as you feel something is off.」

「Yes, thank you very much!」

「Next is the weapon.

I’ve a recommendation but…」

「I’ll follow your instructions, Yoshioka-san.

You’re a specialist among the specialists of this 『Green Dungeon』 after all.」

「Hahaha, I see! Then I’ll recommend this one for this dungeon.」


Yoshioka took out an unsheathed red katana from the shelf.


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