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Chapter 46: Rogue Scholar

Yuuma was really surprised by the unexpected information.


「I heard that they’re classmates back in college.

From their previous conversations, I have no idea whether they’re actually just friends or not, to be honest, I want to know too.

Ah, that’s all I can tell you!」



Yuuma was really surprised to find that the other party was the president’s ex but he was even more surprised to find that Tanaka was actually a big gossiper.

Just like the middle aged auntie who loves gossiping in the complex.


「Oi, Yuuma! That person already agreed, we’re heading to her place right away.

We’ll take a break from dungeon diving today.」



The president took the key card on the desk and put it into his pocket.


「Tanaka-san, I’ll leave the preparation for tomorrow’s exploration to you.」


「Maika! I’m out till the afternoon.

Check and replace our broken equipment in the meantime.」


「Let’s go, Yuuma.」



Both of them went down and boarded into a grim looking jeep in the parking lot, and then directly headed toward the aforementioned research institute.




Tokyo, Ota city.

There were many small manufacturing companies gathered in this district.

But, due to fierce competition with foreign companies and the shortage of manpower, many of those small companies went under.

The research facility that Yuuma and co are heading to is located in a corner of this city.


After he came out from the jeep parked in the parking lot, he looked up at the building.

The name of the company was written with paint that had already torn off, leaving the name of the company as a total mystery.

The galvanized iron used for the outer wall was already in a tattered state.

All those signs were definitely the last thing he expected from the research institute.


「Is this the research institute」

「Despite its appearance, this is the research institute of the “Rogue Scholar” who got expelled from the university.」


The president went past the front shutter, and opened the door on his left side.

Yuuma’s nose was assailed by the smell of oil and metal as soon as he entered the building.

Since the lighting inside the building was poor, he walked carefully so that he wouldn’t stumble upon various tools scattered on the ground.

The president went up to the second floor as if he was used to this situation, and went straight to open a door there.

Upon entering, Yuuma saw the only room with proper lighting in the entire building.

In the innermost part of the room was a woman with long hair, clad in white robe, facing a PC.


「Oi, I brought him! Start the examination right away.」


「Give me a minute!」 said the woman with a rude tone without even turning around to see the president who spoke to her.

Maybe because he was used to that kind of attitude, the president just smacked his lips, leaning on the wall as he closed his eyes.

It seems they had to wait for the woman to finish her business.

Thus, Yuuma had no choice but to wait for the woman in white robe to finish her business too.


「President, just what kind of scholar is this woman」

「Eh Ah, she could be said an eccentric biologist who researches 『Black Dungeon』 since the old days.

She has a good head on her shoulders but she quarreled with too many people.

As a result, she is oscatrized by the college or research institute.」


Hearing that, Yuuma was worried if it was really okay to entrust his examination to such a person.


A while later, the woman spoke in a small voice.

The woman in white robe struck the “Enter” key in her PC’s keyboard and then opened a browser.

She then stood up from her chair, facing toward them.

She wore black pants and white blouse.

Her long black hair was hidden beneath her white robe.

She was a woman in her forties.

Yuuma felt that her expression was really dignified.

And yet, the deep shade under her eyes had completely spoiled her beauty.


「Sorry to keep you waiting.

Is that the child in your story」



The president replied curtly while scratching his head.

Seeing their interaction, it doesn’t seem like they have a good relationship.

The woman then touched her chin, pondering about something for a while.


「Uhm… Constitution that can’t accept mana huh.

I’ve never heard about such a case but, let’s examine him first.

Follow me.」


When he looked at the president, the latter nodded at him.

So Yuuma followed the woman.

Thereupon, the woman looked at Yuuma’s face, grinning as she did so.


「Your name」

「Ah… Mitaka… Yuuma.」

「I see, well then, Mitaka-kun.

My name is Aisha Kisaragi.

Worry not, I’ll do various examinations on you after this.

I’m a pro, I’ll know immediately if there’s something wrong with your body.」

Aisha spoke as she let out a smile.

「Y-… Yes.」 Said Yuuma loudly.

She really was a rather unusual person.

Aisha then looks at the president upon seeing Yuuma’s anxiety.


「Kotaro! I’ll remember this debt.

Make sure you pay it back along with the previous debts!」


「Will do」 said the president with a sour look on his face.


「Follow me!」



They followed Aisha to leave the room, and entered another room.

There were various instruments and something like medicines lining up along the shelf.


「First, we will try to check if there’s any abnormality in your body.

Sit over there.」




Yuuma looked around and finally chose to sit on the stool.

Aisha then sat in the chair before him, holding something in her hands.


「Let’s start with a blood test, give me your arm.

I’m going to collect blood sample from you.」



Aisha sprayed alcohol to desinfect Yuuma’s arm, and then confirmed the position of his blood vessel.

She unfastened the cap of the needle to draw blood and combined it with an empty syringe.

That moment, a question flashed in Yuuma’s mind.

Previously, he heard that Aisha was a biologist but he wondered if she was a doctor too.


「Uhm, excuse me… The only one allowed to draw blood should be a nurse or doctor right Do you have the license to do that, Aisha-san」

「O~h, I’m surprised to hear that you know about such trivia.

Worry not, everything is for science.

There was no need to worry about something trivial such as law.」


―― Eh! What in the hell is this person talking about Was that meant she didn’t have the license

The worried, and dumbfounded Yuuma couldn’t do anything but watch as Aisha drew his blood.


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