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Chapter 5: Heat And Colds User

When he peeked into the hole, he saw that the metal slime was staying still in one corner of the cave.

Its position was a little bit too far for the spray to reach.

In the end, Yuuma had no choice but to go inside the hole.

Yuuma entered the hole, stretching his hand slowly so as to not stimulate the slime and causing another dangerous runaway.

“I just need to get the hell out of this hole the moment that slime rushes toward me.” Was what Yuuma thought in his mind.

The distance between the slime and spray can had finally reached  30 centimeters.

And then, the moment Yuuma pressed the spray button, cold air assailed the entire body of the slime along with the “Psssh” sound.

As for the slime, maybe because it had no idea what was happening to itself, its body just shook lightly as if to show its bewilderment.

But then, it tried to escape the moment it noticed that theyre under attack.


Yuuma was really surprised but he could see the slimes movement with no problem now.

The cold spray did work on slowing it down.

「GREAT! Now…」

Yuuma approached the slime again and sprayed another dose of cold air on it.

The slime body slowly turned white.

As if it was frozen.

After confirming that it couldnt move anymore, Yuuma leaned forward in a turtle-like posture again to enter the cave.

He tried to poke the slime with his fingers but it didnt react at all.


He placed the cooling spray on the ground and took the gas burner.

The blue flame that jetted out from the gas burner when he pulled the ignition button quickly enveloped the slimes body.


The flame spread on the ground, burning vigorously.

Though he was curious about what just happened, he didnt waste any time reading the burners explanation on its can.

It was written there that the can contains highly combustible gas.

「So thats the reason eh… I guess I have to be very careful next time.」

Nevertheless, he felt it was a good thing that the flame was burning brightly.

And for some reason, the flame and gas stayed inside the hole.

Thus, Yuuma took some distance from the fire and looked at the situation.

A while later, the slimes body turned bright red and it started moving again.

But―― Cracks started to appear on the surface of the slimes body.

Even if it could move again, it wasnt as fast as before.

It was clearly suffering from damage.


Thus, after the flame died out, Yuuma used the cold spray on the slime again.

Since the metal slime was really hot, freezing it again wasnt as easy as before, but Yuuma kept using cold spray on it.

Soon, the slime stopped moving again as its body was covered in white mist again.


Yuuma pulled the ignition lever again and brought the gas burner close to the slime.

After baking in blue flame for a while, the body of metal slime slowly turned red again.

The change is accompanied by cracking sounds on its body.

Does this mean that the surface is brittle enough already Then hammering it right now definitely breaks it!

He had such conviction but now he remembers that he had nothing but cold spray and gas burner with him.

And when his hand was groping around to find a rock, his hand touched something hard.


Yes, it was the same hammer that he dropped when he escaped from the metal slime before.

Yuuma wasted no time to grab the hammer, swinging it down toward the slime who tried to escape from him.

The hammer that could only swing lightly inside the small cave struck the body of metal slime.

The body of the metal slime was smashed apart by the hammer along with the loud sound of metal clashed resounded in the cave.


The broken pieces of the slime then crumbled down into black ashes and vanished.

The way it vanished was the same as the vanished phenomenon of the monster inside the dungeon that he saw before.

I see, so they really vanished huh

Yuuma was looking carefully into the cave with his flashlight, making sure that he didnt miss 『Magic Gem』 that might be dropped by the slime.

「Well, thats it I guess.

I heard that probability to get a monster is really low after all.」

Yuuma quickly abandoned his search and crawled out of the hole.

He then shouted 「Mission complete! The target has been dispatched.」 While being watched by Mamezo.

Anyhow, the monster had already gone.

The end.

Yuuma brought large cardboard from the house to cover the hole.

He didnt forget to put a medium-sized stone that he found nearby to pin the cardboard.

That should be enough to take care of it.

What an exhausting day, I dont feel like doing anything after this.

「Itll take some time to fill this hole so lets postpone that for tomorrow, this should be enough for now.

Right, Mamezo」


Yuuma returned to his house to return the gas burner, cold spray, and hammer back into the cabinet.

That time, he was convinced that the problem had already been solved.

Until he came back the next day――


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