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Chapter 6: Infinite Slime


The next morning, Yuuma was awakened by Mamezos barking which came from the garden.


「Whats now…」


Yuuma hurriedly rose from his bed and opened the curtain that covered the window of his room.

The morning sunlight that pierced his room made him fully awake.


「The heck! So noisy!」


Since Yuumas room is located on the second floor, he could see Mamezo in the garden.

When he looked down to the garden from the window of his room, Mamezo barked toward something.

Yuuma reluctantly descended into the first floor and walked toward the garden that was connected right beside the living room.


「Yuuma, can you take a look why Mamezo barking so early in the morning」


Yuumas mother, who made breakfast in the kitchen, asked with a curious tone.


「Im about to do so.」


Yuuma arrived on the veranda, put on his sandals, and walked until he arrived at the same hole that he covered with cardbox yesterday.

Strangely enough, Mamezo was barking toward the very same place.


「As I thought, this hole eh…」


Yuuma lifted the stone that pressed the cardbox, and set the cardbox aside.

When he tried to look into the hole, he saw something moving inside the hole.

Yuuma didnt waste his time going back to his house, taking the flashlight from the cabinet, and returning to the hole in the garden again.

When he illuminates the dark hole, he sees the very same being from yesterday appear in the hole again.


「They appeared again.

The metal slime!」


I did hear before that the dungeon monster respawned but, to think that the same phenomenon happened in the tiny dungeon that is only enough to house a monster eh… Honestly I find the fact that a monster will always appear in my garden is pretty annoying but, isnt that mean killing it is meaningless since theyre just gonna respawn tomorrow

Yuuma got really annoyed but he also noticed a certain fact.


「Wait a minute! If I keep defeating one slime per day, wont that mean theyre going to drop 『Magic Gem』 someday And knowing that theyre rare monsters, the price unit for their 『Magic Gem』 must be millions.」


He did hear that the drop rate of a monster was only around 1%.

Since that was the case, they should be dropped around one 『Magic Gem』 if he keeps going on for a hundred days.

Thus, Yuuma returned to the house with a slightly elated feeling.


When his mother asked 「What happened to mamezo」 with a worried look on her face, Yuuma just run back into his room while saying 「Hes okay, nothing to worry about.」 to his mother.


He took out the gas burner and cold spray that he used yesterday from his closet and went down toward his garden again.

He pushed his arm into the hole while glancing at the barking Mamezo.

When he sprayed the cold spray on the metal slime, they tried to jump up to dodge it but their movement slowed down due to the cold.

When its body turned white, it became frozen solid, and completely stopped moving.

Yuuma nodded in satisfaction upon seeing that, and then quickly grabbed the gas burner, and pulled the trigger.

The blue flame jetted out from the gas burner and heated up the body of the metal slime.

The body of the slime turned red and once its body thawed, the slime started moving again.

After repeated use of superheating and cooling a few times, cracks started to appear on the metal slime body.


「AH! I forgot the hammer…」


He looked around and found a small stone nearby.

He hit the metal slime with a stone in his hand.

That moment―― The slimes body broke apart.




The fragments of their body turned into black sand and vanished.

And just like yesterday, Yuuma was searching around the hole to see if the metal slime dropped off something.


「Uhm, miss again…」


He failed to find 『Magic Gem』.

Yuuma then gets out of the hole while thinking that getting a drop wasnt that easy.


「Mamezo, Ive beaten the evil monster.

They might appear again tomorrow too though…」

After brushing the whining Mamezo, Yuuma went back into his house.


Doesnt this mean that I struck gold Suppose that I defeat one metal slime per day, wouldnt I be able to swim in money sooner or later


Seeing Yuuma grinning out of nowhere, even his mother was starting to worry about her son.


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