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He brought news that the Blood Soul Flame had reappeared.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but Jiang Xiyue was still in seclusion.

Then, Lin Mo learned that the blood soul flame showed traces in a mountain range, but it soon disappeared.

The emperor even gave a death order.

Whoever had a way to catch the blood soul flame could enter the palace treasury.

This shocked everyone.

The palace treasury was a collection of the entire country for thousands of years.

There were countless precious treasures within.

If they could really enter, they might be able to obtain earth grade treasures…

“You said you want to take away that strange stone”

At the mouth of the volcano, Luo Haoyu looked at Lin Mo with some doubt.

Lin Mo hurriedly explained that he had destroyed this piece of land because of his cultivation.

However, when Luo Haoyu heard Lin Mo say that this strange stone could be recovered, his eyes were filled with suspicion.

However, when he thought of Jiang Xiyues trust in Lin Mo, he did not say anything more and said, “Then you can take it away.

I hope you can do it.”

Bing Xin was stunned.

She did not expect Luo Haoyu to actually agree.

“Elder Luo, this…”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Haoyu raised his hand to stop Bing Xin from saying anything more.

“Thank you, Elder Luo.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

He was finally able to take this strange stone away.

He was also very curious about what kind of treasure this thing was.

He came to the crater of the volcano and followed the hole that had been dug out, going all the way down.

Around this strange stone, there were still a few drops of magma liquid floating around.

It was formed during this period of time.

Seeing this, Lin Mo did not stand on ceremony and kept all of it into the system space.

The next moment, the systems voice sounded out, causing Lin Mo to be greatly shocked.

[ Nirvana Fire Stone, contains life force and is extremely helpful to cultivation.

Grade: Spirit Rank 1.


[ Nirvana Fire Stone, able to absorb the essence of the Earth, condensing Nirvana Fire Stone, growing endlessly.


[ This Nirvana Fire Stone has already been damaged and is extremely serious.

It was originally an earth rank 9, but has now been reduced to a spirit rank 7.


A single drop of Nirvana liquid had already reached the level of a spirit rank 1.

Moreover, its healing effects were extremely remarkable, comparable to a spirit rank 3 healing spirit pill.

This nirvana fire stone was even more precious.

With it, it was equivalent to having an endless supply of spirit rank 3 spirit pills…

However, this nirvana fire stone was already damaged, and had been devoured by a large amount of energy by the devouring God body.

Recovering it was easier said than done.

“I hope that after I sell it, Ill be able to return a complete profit…”

After storing it into the system space, Lin Mo left the danger zone.

Walking in the boundless mountain range, Lin Mo discovered that there were many people exploring.

It was clear that they were very eager to find the blood soul flame.

Naturally, Lin Mo joined one of the teams and explored with them.

After spending a day without any gains, the few of them successfully returned to the imperial city.

After a round of questioning, they entered the city.

The first thing they did after returning was to go to Yue Xuan to announce the start of the auction.

Before this, Yue Xuan had not opened the auction because no one was presiding over it.

This auction naturally attracted many people.

Some people had even started to bid for treasures, planning to compete with others.

“Hehe, brother Lin Mo, we meet again.

I heard that you have been looking for news of the Blood Soul Flame in the mountains recently”

When Lin Mo stopped at the Moon Pavilion, he saw the crown prince walking over with a smile on his face.

“There are quite a lot of spies…”looking at the crown prince walking over, Lin Mo said in a low voice.

Fortunately, he had returned with some members of the mercenary group.

He looked like someone who had gone out to search for the blood soul flame but had failed.

Lin Mo had never had a good impression of the crown prince.

However, he did not want to offend him.

“Your Highness, whats the matter”

The crown prince looked at the expressionless Lin Mo and the smile on his face did not fade.

He pointed to the reception hall and said, “Please move to the side.”

Lin Mo sighed.

The crown prince was still trying to rope him in.

Should he tell him about his relationship with Jiang Xiyue…

Seeing that the crown prince had already walked into the reception hall, Lin Mo followed helplessly.

The surrounding people looked at each other, not understanding why Lin Mo was so close to the crown prince despite being the eighth princesshanger-on.

Some people wanted to eavesdrop, but in the end, they held back and did not dare to peek at the Crown Prince.

In the reception hall, the Crown Prince and Lin Mo sat opposite each other.

“Jiang Xiyue is in closed-door cultivation, right She should be refining the blood spirit crystal, while you are working hard to find the Blood Soul Flame…”

The crown prince spoke with a calm expression, making it hard to tell whether he was happy or angry.

Lin Mo sneered in his heart when he heard this.

was he still trying to sow discord The crown prince was indeed a schemer…

“This blood spirit crystal belongs to the palace master.

I naturally have no right to ask how to deal with it,”Lin Mo replied.

The crown prince was stunned because he did not see any dissatisfaction in Lin Mos eyes…

He continued, “You wont have a good ending if you follow my royal sister.

Shes not even willing to give you the resources.

Why Dont you join my sect Ill do my best to nurture you.”

“Really”Lin Mo was stunned, then he smiled and said, “Your Highness, you must be joking.

Im not interested in joining someone else.”

The smile on the crown princes face gradually disappeared, because he really couldnt understand why Lin Mo was so loyal to Jiang Xiyue.

Jiang Xiyue clearly didnt give Lin Mo any treasures.

The Blood Spirit Crystal, the Enlightenment stone, she would rather auction them than give them to him…

Or could it be that Jiang Xiyue had obtained some treasures from the ruins and gave them to Lin Mo, causing Lin Mo to ignore the Enlightenment stone and the blood spirit crystal

He was puzzled and wanted to find out what Lin Mo had to say.

After chatting for a while, the crown prince didnt gain anything.

It wasnt until he was about to leave that Lin Mo opened his mouth and told him a piece of news.

“If Your Highness the Crown Prince wishes to develop his influence, remember to bring sufficient spirit stones for tonights auction…”

When his words were transmitted over, a smile finally appeared on the Crown Princes originally cold expression.

“Haha, in that case, many thanks to brother Lin for informing me.”

The crown prince laughed heartily.

He had finally gained something.

Before he left, he sent off two spirit rank 5 magic tools and left happily.

“Hes really generous…”

Lin Mo smiled slightly.

If it was two magic tools, then tonights auction wouldnt be too bad.

With this thought in mind, Lin Mo was just about to leave when he realized that the maid had sent him news after news.

It turned out that during this period of time, there had been quite a number of visiting cards that wanted to pay him a visit.

Most of them were young geniuses from other factions and holy lands who had come to the capital to participate in the convention and send visiting cards to various places.

However, because he and Jiang Xiyue were both in closed-door cultivation, they had left these people to the side…

Lin Mo spent the entire day chatting with people and meeting all sorts of geniuses.

The majority of them were experts that were famous on the wind and cloud rankings.

It was only at night that Lin Mo used the reason of the auction to decline these peoples invitations.

Lin Mo didnt display anything eye-catching in this auction, so there werent as many people participating as before.

Soon, Lin Mo walked onto the stage, followed by nine handmaidens with silver plates in their hands.

“Everyone, todays auction is relatively small.

There are only ten items in total.”

Lin Mo looked at everyone below and said with a smile.


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