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“The first item up for auction is a spirit grade tier 5 magic weapon.”

Lin Mo took out a light green sword.

This was a treasure sent by the crown prince because he had chosen to send it for auction.

“Everyone, this item is called the green light sword.

The main ingredient is a spirit grade tier 4 green spirit bird inner core.”

“Everyone knows that the green spirit bird is famous for its speed.

A spirit grade tier 4 green spirit birds speed is something that even a fifth sky of the Nirvana Realm wouldnt be able to catch up to.”

“With the inner cores blessing, this green light is most suitable for wind attribute sword cultivators.

Dont miss out on a good ally.” Lin Mo smiled as he introduced.

“The starting price for the green light sword is 500,000 middle grade spirit stones.”

Upon hearing this price, the hall became much quieter.

This wasnt considered cheap.

However, the quiet atmosphere was quickly covered by shouting about the price.

Although sword cultivators were difficult to cultivate, their battle prowess was incomparable.

As a result, this green light sword caused a clamour, and many people wanted to obtain it.

In the auction house, the shouting of the price rose and fell.

After a few minutes, it was bought by a beautiful middle-aged woman at the price of 950,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

[ Congratulations host for successfully auctioning the spirit grade 5 Magic Weapon Cyan Light Sword ]

[ Successfully triggered 3,000 times rebate from the auction ]

[ Congratulations host for obtaining the Spirit Rank 7 magic weapon, Clear Wind Spirit Sword ]

A spirit grade 7 magic weapon was on the same level as the Ancient Sword of Desolation in his hands.

However, Lin Mo had no intention of changing his weapon, so the Clear Wind Spirit Sword could only stay in the warehouse.

The atmosphere of the auction was quickly stirred up.

After hosting so many auctions, Abbot Lin Mo had a wealth of experience.

One treasure after another appeared.

The weakest was a spirit grade 4, and its quality was very high.

“This is the ninth item.

Field owner Lin, youve always been famous for auctioning precious treasures, but why are you so ordinary today”

Before Lin Mo could open the ninth item, the crowd below the stage started to get impatient.

These were the voices coming from the private room.

Lin Mos auction started from the moment he became famous.

There were many good items in it.

They were either extremely powerful or of high quality.

Even though there was nothing wrong with Lin Mos auction, in fact, the quality was slightly better than that of normal auctions.

However, this was far from what others had said…

“Customer, dont panic.

As long as these last two items are used properly, it will definitely be worth it…”

Lin Mo called over a maid and opened the ninth item.

Inside was a suet jade bottle.

He pulled out the stopper at the mouth of the bottle, and in an instant, a searing heat mixed with a fragrant aura spread out.

The life aura in the auction house instantly bloomed, shocking everyone.

“Such a rich life force, what is this”

“It must be a rare treasure in the world.

As expected, I came to the right place.

Theres a treasure here…”

“Field owner Lin, quickly introduce it to us.”

Some people couldnt wait any longer.

They rubbed their hands together, wanting to bid for it.

Seeing this, Lin Mos gaze swept past.

He paused in front of the crown princes private room for a moment before hurriedly moving away.

“Everyone, dont be anxious.

This auction item is a little special.

It has some connection to the final item.”

Lin Mo smiled and took two steps back.

With a raise of his hand, a strange stone emitting a scorching aura was released.

The appearance of the three-meter-wide stone shocked everyone.

What was even more surprising was the spiritual energy in the hall.

Although the rising temperature made some people feel uncomfortable.

However, this rich aura of life was still very obvious.

“The Nirvana Fire Stone absorbs the essence of the earth and condenses the Nirvana liquid.

The grade of the Nirvana liquid is spirit rank 1, but its effect is comparable to a spirit rank 3 spirit pill.”

“This Nirvana Fire Stone was originally an earth rank 9 treasure.

However, its damaged and its internal energy has almost been sucked dry.

Right now, it has the effect of a spirit grade 7.”

Lin Mo introduced it.

He also told everyone how to restore it.

As long as a large amount of spirit stones were thrown in, it would be able to be restored.

At that time, Nirvana liquid would continuously appear.

“Theres actually such a strange treasure in this world…”

Everyone turned pale with fright.

At its peak, it was an Earth rank 9 treasure.

This was simply unbelievable.

In the private room, the crown prince had already stood up.

His gaze was fixed on the Nirvana fire stone on the stage.

“Have you brought enough money…”

The Crown Princes voice was a little rough.

Fortunately, Lin Mo had reminded him to bring a lot of spirit stones.

Otherwise, he might really have missed this auction…

“Haha, good stuff.

This Nirvana Fire Stone, my Peacock Spirit Clan wants it.”

At this moment, a hearty laughter sounded out.

This was the peacock spirit clans clan leader, Kong Xiu.

Who would have thought that after so many years, he would once again come to the imperial city…

“Little friend Lin Mo, dont introduce yourself.

Those who can afford it already know its effects.” Kong Xiu urged, asking Lin Mo to quickly announce the starting price.

“As the Nirvana fire stone only has the quality of a spirit grade 7, the starting price is set at 1,000,000.

Each increment must not be lower than 100,000.”

Lin Mo said.

The starting bid of 1,000,000 was extremely low, and some people even felt that they could compete for it.

However, the moment the starting bid was announced, the Crown Princes side had already started bidding.


As the saying went, each increment must not be lower than 100,000, this was completely redundant.

Only the princes and the like were qualified to participate in the bidding.

These people would not only raise the bid by 100,000.

“Three million.”

Kong Xiu also participated and raised the bid by one million.

In terms of financial resources, the Peacock Spirit Clan might not be as powerful as the royal family, but the crown prince could not mobilize as much as Kong Xiu…

“Why are they fighting over it…”

Lin Mo was helpless.

He was most afraid of such a situation.

After all, he was likely to suffer a huge loss this time.

Such a system compensation should be able to give him a complete piece of Nirvana Fire Stone.

However, if these two people fought over it, wouldnt the price go up to the sky…

“No, I have to think of a way…”

Lin Mo was deep in thought.

Meanwhile, Kong Xiu and the crown prince had already raised the price to eight million.

The two of them increased the price by one million and one million, not stingy with the spirit stones at all.


Lin Mo was helpless and hurriedly transmitted his voice to the maids behind him, asking them to arrange for people to go to the two private rooms.

“Alright, since both guests want the Nirvana Fire Stones, Ill let the two of you observe these two drops of Nirvana liquid.”

He called out to them and the two maids went forward to carry the jade bottles and walked into the crown princes private room first.

This was a move that didnt seem to have any problems in the eyes of the crowd.

However, when the maids entered Kong Xius private room, they also brought Lin Mos words to him.

In the private room, after Kong Xiu saw the Nirvana liquid, he was overjoyed.

This was because he could sense that the injuries in his body were faintly showing signs of improvement when he smelled the aura of the Nirvana liquid…

“No matter what, this Nirvana Fire Stone has to be auctioned off…”

Kong Xiu muttered.

The maid at the side hesitated for a moment before she opened her mouth and said, “Sir, field owner Lin asked me to pass on a message to tell you not to auction it off.”

“When the time comes, I will give you a big gift in return…”


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