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Chapter 349: the map of the Blood Soul Flame

However, they didnt find anything.

They had already searched one warehouse, but unfortunately, they didnt find anything.

They were already a little impatient, because the second warehouse didnt have any treasures either.

It was all empty.

“Damn it, could it be that this Lin Mo is carrying treasures with him”

These people cursed angrily.

Generally speaking, it was best to take good care of precious spirit herbs, spirit pills, and the like.

It wasnt suitable for them to be stored in a spatial magic tool for long periods of time.

As time passed, it might result in the loss of spiritual energy, and the value of the treasure would be greatly reduced.

However, they searched through two warehouses and found nothing.

Just as they were about to search through the next warehouse, a ghostly voice appeared behind them.

“You guys are really bold.

Not only did you steal once, you even dared to come here a second time.

Im impressed.”

The person who came was Lin Mo.

he looked at these people.

They all wore bamboo hats on their heads and were protected by special magical artifacts.

It was very difficult for spiritual sense to penetrate them.

“Do it.”

The person at the front shouted angrily.

A jet-black dagger appeared in his hand and he aimed straight at Lin Mos throat.

At the same time, the two people at the back also took out their daggers and stabbed them at Lin Mos vital points.

The three of them had extremely tacit cooperation.

It was likely that they often fought side by side.

However, the current Lin Mo, whether it was his strength or battle strength, had received a huge increase.

It could be said that no one under the Nirvana Realm could kill him.

Looking at the three peoples attacks, Lin Mo did not panic at all.

He raised his hand and flicked it lightly.

The dagger that was the first to stab him was bounced away.

In an instant, the strength of a tier 29 Dragon Transformation Realm was displayed, causing the three people to turn pale with fright.

“Youre too stubborn.


The other two people were just about to leave when Lin Mos figure appeared behind them.

“Since youre here, why are you still leaving Stay here.”

Lin Mo said coldly.

His finger was like a sword as he pointed at the centre of one of the peoples brows.

A dense sword qi burst out and pierced through the centre of the persons brows.

Even his soul was unable to escape the emptiness.

Following that, Lin Mo struck out with his palm.

This person only lasted for a second before his body exploded and he died completely.

“How is this possible”

The person who was pushed away by Lin Mo was shocked.

He wanted to retreat, but he realized that his back was cold.

A sharp sword Qi was pressed against his back.

“Tell me, who are you Where did you come from Who sent you here”

Lin Mo said indifferently.

As he spoke, he lifted the bamboo hat on this persons head, only to see a scene that shocked him.

Below the bamboo hat was a rotting face.

His facial features could barely be seen, but his face had already been disfigured.

He could tell that this was caused by exposure to poison when he was young.

The injury was to the soul, and it would be very difficult to treat it.

Lin Mo grabbed the corpse of the other person and lifted the bamboo hat, only to see the exact same scene.

“Looks like the person you were ordered by has quite a strong background.”

Looking at the situation, Lin Mo could roughly guess that these three people were the death attendants of a large faction.

Destroying their appearances was also to allow for a better assassination.

Even if they were left behind, there wouldnt be any evidence…

“Pfft… Cough cough!”

While Lin Mo was observing, the person he grabbed coughed violently and spat out blood.

The blood was black, and a corrosive smell emanated from it.

“He took poison and committed suicide…”

Lin Mo frowned.

Wasnt this a little too extreme He wasnt willing to divulge any information and committed suicide just like that…

“There are many factions that are enemies with me.

I wonder which one…”

In truth, they might not have come to find trouble with him.

Before he took control of Yue Xuan, this place had already been robbed once.

Of course, it wasnt completely without any gains.

He had obtained some spirit stones from these people.

Other than that, there was also a relatively complete and mysterious map.

Lin Mo immediately stored it into the system space, wanting to see what kind of map this was.

[ The map that recorded the area where the Blood Soul Flame appeared.

Grade: Spirit Rank 1]

The moment these words left his mouth, Lin Mo was stunned, his heart filled with shock.

These people were still thinking about the Blood Soul Flame, just based on their strength

“System, if I were to auction off this map, what would I earn back” Lin Mo asked.

As this map was complete, there wasnt anything that could be repaired.

He was very curious about what would earn back.

Who knows, he might be able to directly mark the location of the Blood Soul Flame, and he would be able to head over to look for it…

[ Two identical maps with rebates… ]

“No way…”

Lin Mo staggered and almost fell to the ground.

‘Two identical maps with rebates Ive already seen the map, what difference does it make whether you rebate or not…

“Forget it, I wont sell this thing.”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

It just so happened that he had nothing to do now, so he could try to look for it.

If he could find the Blood Soul Flame, even if he couldnt subdue it, he would at least get some benefits.

After giving his instructions, he left the imperial city and swaggered around without any concealment.

At the outskirts of the imperial city, in the mountains, quite a number of mercenary groups appeared, as well as a few exploration teams.

They were all here for the bounty offered by the imperial family, intending to look for clues regarding the Blood Soul Flame.

Along the way, Lin Mo also discovered some strange places.

He even met some dangerous places and found a few high-quality spirit herbs among them.

However, these places were all guarded by powerful ferocious beasts.

Once they entered, they would be attacked crazily.

Lin Mo tried his best, but he only managed to pick three spirit rank 6 spirit fruits before he had no choice but to flee far away.

According to the map, Lin Mo found traces left behind by the Blood Soul Flame along the way.

However, without exception, these places were of no value.

The only unique feature was that the Blood Soul Flame had come before…

In the end, Lin Mo stopped at the last location on the map.

This was a huge canyon.

The crack below was pitch-black, and it was very empty and quiet.

The crack was huge, and the space below was thousands of miles deep.

Seeing such a strange phenomenon, Lin Mo hesitated.

Did he really have to go down and take a look

The depths of the canyon gave him a palpitating feeling.

Moreover, the high temperature coming from below was undoubtedly proof that there was dense fire attribute energy below.

He took out the spatial formation plate that he had prepared and placed it outside.

If it really didnt work in the end, he would use the teleportation formation and spatial talisman to escape.

After making all the preparations, Lin Mo jumped down.

The Kun Peng Wings spread and gradually flew into the canyon below.

The light dimmed until it was pitch black.

However, Lin Mo could feel that the surrounding temperature had increased.

Even so, the depths of the canyon couldnt be seen, as if it had sunk into an abyss.

Lin Mo stretched out his soul power and used his spiritual sense to check his surroundings.

However, even after extending his soul power to the end, he still couldnt feel the walls.

His surroundings were incomparably empty and pitch-black.

An indescribable feeling of fear came from his heart.

It was too big, too deep.

There wasnt a single trace of light, nor was there a single trace of reliance…

If it wasnt for the fact that Lin Mo didnt sense any danger, he would have even planned to leave this place.

Flying downwards, Lin Mo slowed down his speed and was extremely vigilant.

After diving for more than ten Li, a ray of light gradually appeared…


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