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As he continued to fly downwards, he finally landed on the ground after flying for over 50 li.

There were some scarlet flames burning in the air.

This was the aura of the Blood Soul Flame.

What shocked Lin Mo was that this was an underground cave.

It was very, very big.

In front of him, there was a huge stalactite standing erect.

He did not know how tall it was…

“Its a work of God…”

Lin Mo sighed.

In such a deep underground, other than the lava, there was probably only the karst cave.

He walked in the karst cave.

The Blood Soul Flame remnants around him were extinguished as soon as he got close.

There were only some incomplete auras.

“Eh, thats not right.

The Nirvana Fire Stone has absorbed the essence of the earth to grow.

Can it speed up its recovery here”

After exploring for a while, Lin Mo recalled the introduction of the Nirvana Fire Stone.

The spiritual energy in the underground karst cave became even denser.

Even Lin Mo was shocked.

He had just taken out the Nirvana Fire Stone when the surrounding spiritual energy was sucked in.

As if he had found a vent, a huge amount of spiritual energy crazily poured into the Nirvana Fire Stone.

Initially, Lin Mo could still hold it.

However, as more and more spiritual energy was absorbed, the Nirvana Fire Stone became heavier and heavier.

In the end, Lin Mo had no choice but to place it on the ground.


Just as it touched the ground, the Nirvana Fire Stone exploded with an endless suction force.

As it absorbed the spiritual energy, it also absorbed the essence of the earth.


In a short while, a drop of Nirvana liquid fell from the Nirvana Fire Stone, emitting a scorching aura.

“The effect is obvious…”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

He had hit the jackpot.

Even if he didnt find the Blood Soul Flame this time, it wouldnt be a loss…

After hesitating for a moment, he felt that no one would come down.

After setting up the formation around the Nirvana Fire Rock, Lin Mo continued to go deeper.

He wanted to give it a try and perhaps find some information about the blood soul flame…

He held the desolation ancient sword and slowly advanced, using his spiritual sense to scan his surroundings.

After that, the flame in front of him became more and more intense, making Lin Mo believe that the Blood Soul Flame was definitely in front of him.

As he advanced, Lin Mos senses became clearer and clearer.

Half an hour later, he stopped in front of a pale yellow stalactite.

There were cracks all around the stalactite, leading to the bottom.

That was even deeper…

Lin Mo could feel an inexplicable aura pulling him towards the bottom to check.

“I dont feel any danger…” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

After some thought, he passed through the crack and continued to descend.

Just as he descended, light shone brightly.

At the top where the stalactite was connected, there was a round jade stone.

Wisps of divine light were emitted, accompanied by wisps of chaotic qi that lingered in front of Lin Mo.

“This is… An underground mansion…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The space below was relatively small, and there was a mansion in the middle.

The jade above was like the sun, illuminating everything…

“Other than the jade above, there doesnt seem to be anything valuable…”

After looking around the mansion, Lin Mo shook his head.

It seemed like this place was just a ruin, and there was nothing good here.

He walked towards the depths of the mansion and extended his soul power.

After careful inspection, he finally discovered something different.

In one of the courtyards of the mansion, there was a blood-colored lotus flower growing in a pond.

“This pond water…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He looked at the liquid in the pond.

It was milky-yellow in color and a little thick.

A stream of light flowed in all directions, giving off a faint fragrance.

He tried to reach out his hand to scoop up the thick pond water.

In an instant, his mind became clear, and an incomparably comfortable feeling flowed through his entire body.

At this moment, he felt all the pores on his body open up, giving him an incomparable sense of relaxation…

With a thought, Lin Mo kept it into the system space.

[10,000 year-old Earth Milk, after 10,000 years of tempering, condensed within stalactites.

Each stalactite can only condense a drop after 10,000 years, containing a wisp of chaotic energy.

Grade: Earth rank 7]

“Earth rank 7…”

Lin Mo immediately felt his mouth dry and his breath almost stopped.

It was an earth-grade treasure, and it was even earth rank 7.

If this thing were to spread out, the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire would turn upside down.

“It seems like I cant sell it…” After being happy for a while, Lin Mo suddenly remembered that it seemed like it couldnt be used for auction.

Putting everything else aside, if Yue Xuan dared to sell an earth-rank treasure, even Jiang Xiyue wouldnt be able to live past the next day…

The emperor allowed them to give the crown prince some setbacks, but he wouldnt allow them to defeat the crown prince…

Lin Mo forced himself to calm down.

He used a jade bottle to divide the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk into five drops and carefully put them away.

Following that, he took out a large pile of jade bottles and was about to collect all of the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk…


Suddenly, a ball of scorching flames appeared behind Lin Mo.

The terrifying high temperature made Lin Mo sweat profusely.

Turning around, he saw a large ball of scarlet flames wrapping around the Nirvana Fire Stone that Lin Mo had just placed down.

“Blood Soul Flame”

Lin Mo jumped in fright.

His figure flashed as he retreated quite a distance.

Was the Blood Soul Flame that powerful To be able to appear silently behind him without him noticing…

“Buzz buzz…”

While Lin Mo was on alert, the Blood Soul Flame ignored him and threw the Nirvana Fire Stone into the ten-thousand-year-old Earth Milk Pond.

In less than three seconds, the Nirvana Fire Stone burst into flames and the energy that it had lost had been fully recovered…

“The effect is so good!”

Lin Mo exclaimed.

As expected of a treasure that contained a trace of chaotic energy.

It could only form one drop in ten-thousand years.

It was so terrifying…

The Blood Soul Flame returned to the Blood Lotus in the centre of the pond.

The flame floated and fell into the pond.

In the next moment, drops of ten thousand year earth milk splashed out from the pond.

The jade bottle that Lin Mo placed on the ground was wrapped by the flame.

It caught all of it and threw it to Lin Mo.

“A total of 37 drops of ten thousand year Earth Milk…”

Lin Mo was extremely shocked.

It was fine that the Blood Soul Flame didnt attack him, but it gave him ten-thousand-year-old earth milk instead.

In the next moment, the Nirvana Fire Stone flew up and was thrown to Lin Mo by the Blood Soul Flame.

“You have a spirit” Lin Mo asked.

For a ball of flame to be able to do this, its spirit should not be low.

Otherwise, it would not be like this.

The Blood Soul Flame trembled for a moment.

Lin Mo felt that a somewhat cowardly spirit consciousness was approaching him.

Seeing this, Lin Mo immediately put down his guard and extended his spirit consciousness, slowly approaching him.

The moment they made contact, Lin Mo felt a searing pain in his soul.

At the same time, a message was transmitted into his mind.

“Huancai Flame Demon…”

There were only two words.

In other words, Lin Mo was too weak and could only withstand it for a moment.

As such, he could only hear two words.

“Huancai flame demon… What are you trying to do”

Lin Mo asked.

Without a doubt, the other party had sensed the aura of LilDie on him.

It was no wonder he was so generous…


The Blood Soul Flame moved a little, but it did not move.

Lin Mo also did not sense the other partys spiritual sense…

“So, the reason why you appeared was because you sensed the aura of the Huanghuai Fire Demon…”

Lin Mo said to himself.

This also explained why the battle between Jiang Xiyue and the fourth prince had drawn out the Blood Soul Flame.

“No matter what, thank you for the gift.

The Huanghuai fire demon is my foster sister.

If you dont have any ill intentions, I can bring it to you,” Lin Mo said with a fist salute.

From the beginning to the end, he did not sense any ill intentions from the Blood Soul Flame.

Perhaps, this was an opportunity that belonged to Lil Die…


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