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568 Void Spirit Sword


The heavens and earth rumbled, and the mans body became hazy.

His facial features could not be seen clearly, and his body was wrapped in chaotic mist, flowing with a touch of immortal light.

Lin Mo stared at this person, his heart filled with shock.

This was a Supreme expert, a second-stage Immortal-Foundation expert.

Just the pressure it emitted made people want to submit.

His body trembled slightly as he couldnt take it anymore.

He bent his knees.

If he continued to hide his cultivation, he would really have to kneel down …

“Damn it …”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The difference of one stage was actually so great.

He could sense that this was also a young expert.

He was about the same age as him, but the power he possessed was enough to make one despair.

“You have some talent, but its not enough.”

The man said.

Lin Mo could not see what he was doing in the chaotic mist, but he could feel a sense of contempt.

“Its not him.

That person was here before and wanted to confuse me.”

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As soon as he said that, the Unicorn Cavalry all withdrew their pressure.

Since this person had spoken, it was enough to prove that the person in front of him had nothing to do with that person.

He came and left in a hurry.

These people came quickly and left quickly.

The man also left.

He punched through the void and walked in calmly, disappearing from everyones sight.

Lin Mo watched them leave, not feeling any sense of defeat.

His heart was filled with the motivation to cultivate.

He believed that when he reached that mans realm, his battle prowess would definitely be even more powerful.

After all this, Lin Mo shut himself in and waited for the teleportation formation in Languang city to activate in the hotel.

However, he had underestimated the stubbornness of these people.

There were more and more Unicorn Cavalry patrolling these days, and even Lin Mo had been interrogated many times.

There was no doubt that these people were here to find the young girl.

“How did she offend the Gongsun family why is she so wanted ” Lin Mo frowned.

Lin Mo could not figure it out no matter how much he thought about it.

Although Lin Mo was out and about, people were allowed to enter Languang city but not leave.

However, the order within the city was not broken.

He used spirit stones to buy some spirit herbs and ores and sent them to the auction house for auction.

He was sitting in the hall of the auction house, quietly looking at the auction items on the stage.

“Its better not to set up an auction house.

Lets just auction it …”

The Northern Continent was too big, and Lin Mo would not stay there forever.

He planned to stay there and use the teleportation portal to head to the southern land.

“The next item to be auctioned is a tier 3 Earth Grade magic long sword.

It was forged by Master Long Kong from Languang city.”

“As we all know, Master Long Kongs forging level is number one in the entire Languang city.

No one in the nearby cities can match up to him.

“The void Spirit sword contains the laws of space and can travel through the void.

Whether its in battle or in escape, its a rare treasure.

The auctioneer tried his best to introduce the sword.

Lin Mos interest was immediately piqued when he saw the sword.

He was currently worried that he didnt have a suitable magic tool.

Although the longswords grade was a little low, its ability to travel through the void was still very tempting.

After buying it, he would find some ores and refine it properly.

Perhaps it would be able to raise its grade.

At that time, when the auction was over, the treasures would definitely be even better …

“Good, good treasure.”

“Hurry up and tell me the auction price, this treasure is really rare.”

Many people were interested and participated in the bidding.

Even Lin Mo was the same, looking forward to the auction.

Void Spirit sword, the starting price is 70000 upper spiritual stones.

The auctioneers hammer fell.

Such a high starting price made some people frown.

This price was a little too high.

Even Lin Mo frowned.

Out of the 70000 high-grade spirit stones, he only had around 100000 high-grade spirit stones left.

After all, some of the treasures he had bought were not cheap.

After auctioning them off, he had lost more than 30000 upper spiritual stones.

“I dont have enough spirit stones, so I want to add some more items to the auction.

Do you guys want them”

Lin Mo said to the maidservant beside him.

He had been visiting the auction house for more than ten days and had been arranged to stay in a private room with a dedicated maidservant to serve him.


Lin Mo, thats not a problem.

Give me the treasure and Ill bring it for appraisal.

The maidservant understood Lin Mos intentions.

He was dumbfounded when he saw Lin Mo take out more than ten earth-tier treasures.

“This …” The maidservant was shocked.

Instead of taking the treasure, she took out a jade talisman and injected spiritual qi into it.

Not long after, a middle-aged manager rushed over.


Lin Mo, youre really a distinguished guest of our auction house.

Have you taken a fancy to this Void Spirit sword ”

The manager was very reasonable and knew Lin Mos motive for auctioning it at this time.

“Please help me appraise it.

Its not easy to find a treasure that I like.

Lin Mo smiled as a form of greeting.”

if Mr.

Lin Mo wants it, Ill sell it to you for 150000.

The manager was ftier.

This Void Spirit sword was a treasure of their auction house and could be operated internally.


But I dont have enough spirit stones.

You can evaluate the value of these treasures.

Lin Mo nodded.

It was good enough that he could successfully obtain the void Spirit sword.”

Very quickly, the manager left with the treasures, and the auction for the void Spirit sword began.

However, a stranger appeared in the hall.

He bid casually and overpowered everyone else.

In the end, he bought the void Spirit sword for 180000.

It was naturally someone arranged by the auction house.

Not long after, the void Spirit sword appeared in front of Lin Mo.

“What a good sword.”

Lin Mo was overjoyed to see the void Spirit sword unsheathed.

He did not expect to see such a treasure during his stay.

“Its good that you like it.

The manager asked me to ask you if you agree to auction your treasures in batches and leave some for the next auction.

The maidservant asked respectfully after delivering the void Spirit sword.

“No problem.

You may leave.”

After sending the maidservant away, Lin Mo kept the void Spirit sword in the system space.

“Tier 3 earth realm magic weapon, Void Spirit sword.

It is not made of time and space essence gold enough, causing its tier to drop by one.

“The Dao laws inside are dense.

The sword that Master Long Kong was trying to make might be a tier 4 or even tier 5 Earth Grade spiritual sword.”

Through observation and the systems appraisal, Lin Mo finally determined the value of the void Spirit sword.

150,000 Yuan was a huge profit for him.

If he did a good promotion, it might be able to sell for more than 200000 Yuan …

“Space Spirit adamantine.

I remember that there was an auction some time ago …”

“In addition, if you add some Wind Spirit stones to assist you, you can reforge this spiritual sword.”

Lin Mo concluded.

However, that was the only thing he could do.

Only a true Master blacksmith could perform the sacrificial refining.

With his current strength, he could at most refine a tier 1 or tier 2 Earth Grade magic tool.

“Ask the auction house to help me find the materials.

Then, Ill ask Master Long Kong to help me make it.”

It just so happened that the Master was in Languang city, and he heard that he had to prepare the materials himself if he wanted to ask him to refine a magic tool.

In addition, he would also be charged a large sum of spirit stones as a reward …

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning a level 3 earth grade ore, black lead silver ]

[ Successfully triggered 7000-fold auction interest return ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining tier 5 Earth Grade dark gold essence ]

On the auction stage, the treasure that Lin Mo had just taken out was presented, and it was even auctioned off at a high price …

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