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If I were to ever be reborn, I wanted to be a villainess.

I was sure that underneath that poisonous tongue and villainous facade was the heart of a strong and determined young woman.

Though that might have been only a personal delusion of mine, since literally all of my friends would rather become the heroine.

Apparently, most of them yearned to be entangled in a reverse harem or something so that they could live surrounded by beautiful men.

But such things never tempted me; Ive never wanted to be the heroine.

If Im being perfectly honest, Ive always disliked the heroine.

Or at the very least, shes always made me feel super uncomfortable.

Sure, the heroine is usually some special power wielding commoner who miraculously is able to enter into a magic academy that is typically attended only by nobles… Which might sound pretty good on paper… But really! Whats there to like about a girl who just smiles angelically, sweet talks her way around the school, and ultimately ends up playing with the princes heart…….

But enough of my personal qualms about the heroine.

Back to the point, I had always wanted to become a villainess.

I felt like I could truly understand the feelings of the villainesses who would face off against those types of awful heroines and end up berating them viciously.

So it wasnt that unusual for me to fantasize about dying and reincarnating as one.

And on one particular occasion when I was walking and absentmindedly imagining such things, I was hit by a truck.

I really did die.

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And more importantly, I really did reincarnate! When I woke up just now, I had suddenly recalled all this.

I now have memories from my past life!

Im currently the Williams familys oldest daughter, Alicia……

Thats right.

Ive become the villainess from my favorite Otome Game during my previous incarnation!

The Alicia from the game was a villainess with a beauty that could captivate anyone regardless of age or gender.

She was absolutely gorgeous with jet-black hair and radiant golden eyes.

But for some reason, everyones eyes were always drawn towards the heroine instead of her.

And due to that abnormality, Alicia ended up throwing herself headlong down the path of becoming a wicked villainess…..

I unconsciously let my jaw fall slack for a moment as the reality of my current situation finally hits me.

My lifelong dream of becoming a villainess was actually realized! Thank goodness I didnt do anything bad during my previous life… This must be my just reward for having lived virtuously!

And since its become like this, Ill make sure to do my part and play the role of a villain til the bitter end.

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Because during this life, Im going to go down in history as this worlds most savvy villainess!


T/N: Its always fun to start a new story~ I read the first chapter of the manga of this on MangaDex (here) and was intrigued, so I decided to try picking it up.

Since the chapters are tiny like this, I will hopefully be able to translate this one along with Yandere Servant and Mastering Magic, but we shall see.

Ill put up two more chapters tomorrow! I hope to see you guys then!


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