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Mmm, this feels so nice.

A fluffy bed.

Super soft pillow.

Deliciously warm body heat.

…….Body heat!

I’m so shocked my eyes fly open.

In an instant, all traces of drowsiness are completely blown away.

In front of me I see lovely, long eyelashes, a strong, straight nose, and slightly thin lips.

An unbelievably beautiful sleeping face.

I feel like I could just stare at this face for the rest of my life and I’d be happy.

….Wait, no.

A villainess can’t be swayed from the mere power of a handsome man!

Okay, snap out of it.

There’s something more important to be thinking about right now….

why is Duke-Sama sleeping next to me And… why is he shirtless

…..Wow, his body looks great though.

Look at those muscles! I wish my muscles could look like that.

But it seems that no matter how hard I train, even though I’m clearly getting stronger, visibly you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Absentmindedly bemoaning my accursed body type, I take a look around the room.

And realized that this….

isn’t my room…. My room isn’t anywhere near as large as this, and the decorations here are much simpler too.

Which must mean that this is Duke-Sama’s room I suppose Which also means that I’m currently in the Royal Palace, right But how did I get here….

I don’t remember anything that happened after getting onto the carriage.

I must have fallen asleep as soon as I sat down.

Well, I guess I can figure out how I got here at a later time… For now, there’s really only one thing that I can do in a situation like this.

……Let’s hurry up and get out of here.

Without making a sound, I very carefully swing my feet out of the bed.

And then slowly, slowly….

I start to remove my weight.

“And just where are you going”

I had been about to take my first step towards the door when I hear Duke-Sama’s voice call out from behind me.

Could he have actually been awake this whole time

Feigning nonchalance, I slowly look back at him over my shoulder.

……Huh That’s my diamond necklace.

Why does Duke-Sama have it

It should be around my…..

wait, no.

It wasn’t there when I noticed the magic sealing collar….

which is also now missing.

My neck feels oddly bare like this.

“This was in the pocket of the man who’s head you sliced off,” Duke-Sama says with an evil, teasing little grin.

No way.

Are you telling me that I let my extremely valuable diamond necklace be stolen from me I can feel it distinctly as the blood drains from my face.



Maybe I should run be running away right about now.

Pretending as if I saw nothing, I turn away from Duke-Sama and make to bolt out of the room.

“Come here,” Duke-Sama says and then grabs me around the waist, lifting me up easily.

Isn’t that move just foul play

He sets me back down on the bed and has me sit down.

But what I’d really like to know is why I have to sit facing him….

This posture….

Am I about to be in for a huge lecture I need to stay strong now.

A villainess cannot allow herself to lose her nerve just because of a bit of scolding.

But instead of saying anything, Duke-Sama just silently brings his hands around my neck.

…..Huh Why is his face suddenly so close to mine

My mind goes blank.

Then I feel something cold and hard laying against my chest and I look down and see that my diamond necklace is once again back in its usual spot.

Just as before the diamond glitters exquisitely.

“Beautiful,” Duke-Sama murmurs, his eyes looking directly into mine.

…..You mean the diamond, right Right….

I wish you’d say the subject of the sentence out loud….

Then there would be no possibility of misunderstanding.

You were being vague on purpose to tease me, I just know it!

His gorgeous azure eyes gaze deeply into mine.

With just that look, I can feel my body growing hot.

What am I supposed to do in this sort of situation If it was the heroine I’m sure she would demurely lower her eyes.

But, isn’t looking away quite rude Plus, if it’s something the heroine would do then I certainly don’t want to do it!

“Um, so, His Majesty the king……”

My mind still blank, I blurt the first thing that comes into my head and unwittingly switch the topic over to the king.

The moment the words pass my lips, Duke-Sama’s face clouds over darkly.

Typically, I never regret saying something once it’s already been put out there, but this time, seeing his face, I feel an incredible wave of sheepish regret pass over me.


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