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It’s nothing.

Forget I said I anything,” I say throwing an awkward smile onto my face.


I’m kind of forgetting something a bit important here.

Even though all we did was sleep, I’m still an unmarried woman and I’m sharing a room with a man.


Isn’t that bad

Though, at 13 I’m not sure if I would actually be thought of as an unmarried woman yet….

Well, regardless, I really should be heading back now.

“Alicia~” I hear Gilles’s voice call from the other side of the door.

Oh, that’s right! Gilles should obviously be here in the Royal Palace as well if I’m here.

Which also means that Henry-Oniisama should be here too, right

The door slowly opens and Gilles pops his head into the room.

“Alicia Are you in here”

“I’m here,” I call, quickly jumping off the bed and heading over to the door.

Standing behind Gilles in the doorway is Henry-Oniisama.

With him, that makes all of us.

That means there’s nothing stopping us from very quickly heading home now!

“Duke, I’m coming in,” Henry-Oniisama states before pushing Gilles through the door in front of him and then stepping into the room himself.

No, Oniisama.

That’s the wrong way! Don’t come in….

Let’s leave now.

Why are you coming in

“Don’t tell me you slept like that!” Henry-Oniisama laughs incredulously while peering at Duke-Sama’s bare chest.

“Oh, Alicia! Here,” Gilles mumbles, showing me his outstretched palm.

Laying on top of it is a single small tooth.

I stare at it in astonishment for a moment, frozen.

I wasn’t expecting to see that ever again.

“Good thing it was one of your back teeth,” Gilles notes laughing.

I really want to ask why he bothered to pick that up, but my voice won’t come out.

“I read this thing in a book once.

That teeth get filled with memories,” Gilles continues.

He must have seen the question in my eyes and decided to explain for me.

Certainly, I can remember reading something to that effect a long time ago.

Because they carry memories, the book said it was important to take good care of your teeth.

“Do you want it” Gilles asks me excitedly.

“No, I’m good,” I tell him honestly, and his face lights up even more.


can I have it”

“Um, sure.


it’s just a tooth, you know” I say looking at him with a puzzled expression.

I can’t imagine what he’d want it for.

It has absolutely no use or value.

“Yeah, I know.

But this tooth might be filled up with memories of me, so I’d like to have it,” Gilles says and then his face brakes into a huge, happy smile.

….When he’s like this, he looks like any other adorable, straightforward little boy.

In some ways his mind and mentality have become twisted, but deep down he’s really just like a regular 9-year-old.

“So, who were the people in that huge portrait outside in the hallway” Gilles asks, turning to look at Duke-Sama.

For a moment, Duke-Sama just stares at him blankly like he’s not sure which painting Gilles is referring to.

…A huge portrait… Could he be talking about the one that I saw that day when I got lost The one of the king….

and probably the king’s father

But I wonder what made Gilles ask about that.

“Are you talking about the painting of my father and my uncle, his older brother” Duke-Sama asks, and I almost can’t believe my ears.

So that picture was of the king and his older brother!?

There seemed to be a pretty big age difference between the two from what I remember.

But he’s his brother, not his father

That just leaves me with so many questions.

Normally, wouldn’t it be the eldest son who would become the crown prince and be given the right to accede to the throne

…..Then, why was it Duke-Sama’s father that assumed the position


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