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Everywhere I go, students’ sharp gazes follow me warily.

Unlike before, I don’t hear anyone badmouthing me though.

They must be afraid that I’ll hit them if I overhear.

But that doesn’t stop them from staring at me with eyes full of scorn and contempt.

It’s like they’re trying to burn holes through me with the power of their gazes alone.

Personally, I feel like the eye patch perfectly personifies my villainous nature and makes me look quite cool and debonair.

But something tells me that public opinion doesn’t see it the way I do.

Some of the students I pass can’t take their eyes off of my new accessory, and their gazes are hardly admiring or cowering before my devilish fashion sense.

“Are we really going in” Gilles asks as we stand in front of the entrance to the dining hall.

Although his expression is mostly calm, it looks cramped and strained.

I think my face likely has a similar look on it.

There’s more people in this one room than we’ve encountered walking across the entire campus….

I was able to make it this far by just confidently walking past everyone, but will I really be able to make it through all these additional people without incident

The dining hall is completely filled with the loud chatter of hundreds of students.

Imaging all of their eyes turning to me is a bit daunting….

But also exciting at the same time.

If something big were to happen in front of all these people, then my notoriety will just spread that much more.

This is my perfect stage!

“Of course.

Let’s go,” I say eagerly.

Gilles gives a strong nod of his head in reply.

His face looks as if he’s resolving himself to head into battle.

The moment we walk into the room, the boisterous chattering dies down and all eyes turn to us. Hmm, I wasn’t expecting the dining hall to fall so deathly just from Gilles and I walking in.

I slowly stride through the room, and the students who had just been standing around talking open a wide path for me to walk through.


I feel like a queen walking through a crowd of her subjects.

It feels quite satisfying, but I don’t let the excitement show on my face.

I content myself with whooping a little on the inside and that’s it.

As I pass, I notice there are two types of gazes directed at us: eyes filled with pure surprise, and eyes filled with censure.

For so many people that I’ve never interacted with before to look at me so keenly, I really am amazing, aren’t I

They could have continued what they were doing previously for all I care, but no one does.

Everyone stays silent and not one person seems to be eating.

….As a villainess, I don’t mind a bit of attention, but when it becomes this much….

It actually feels a little embarrassing.

“They’re treating me like I’m famous,” I whisper, keeping my voice low so that only Gilles can hear me.

At that, Gilles heaves a tiny sigh.

“Not like you’re famous.

You are famous,” Gilles says back, likewise keeping his voice low.

“What did I become famous for I wonder”

“Who knows”

“Ah~ It would be great if it was for being a villain….”

“…..I think that probably is what you’re famous for,” Gilles replies, grimacing.

He always says such surprising things.

Even though he’s definitely younger than me, he’s so insightful.

“Over there.

Isn’t that Duke” Gilles asks, tugging lightly on my skirt.

I slowly look in the direction that Gilles is pointing in.

….The second floor

Mel said he’d be on the terrace, but isn’t that just the second floor of the dining hall

Maybe he chooses where to take his meals based on his mood Or maybe that is the terrace.

Of course these nobles would have to give it such an elitist-sounding name.

Speaking of which, it’s kind of crazy that the dining hall is actually big enough to have a second a floor.

And it’s clearly extravagantly decked out as well.

Even from here I can see a huge, decadent couch up there, a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling above, and I can hear the faint sound of elegant orchestral music playing….

With that amount of splendor, it seems that only the chosen few would be allowed entry to the second floor.

In comparison to the lavishness above, the first floor looks almost shabby.

It seems that even amongst nobles, there’s a huge difference in treatment.

Though, in a world like this where status is everything, I guess that’s only to be expected….

Though, what I do find rather odd is that there’s a person who likes to deny such rank-based disparity mixing in with the chosen few up there.

I wonder if you’d use the term “peerless beauty” to describe a girl like her.

Now that I look more carefully, I see there’s also quite a line up of other familiar faces.

Although everyone looks so much more mature now than they did two years ago.

….And the way they look at me seems to have changed quite a lot as well.

Normally, blood-related brothers wouldn’t glare like this at their only precious little sister.

Though, rather than glaring at me in anger, their eyes seem more surprised than anything else.

Which makes sense considering I came back wearing an eye patch after quite a long absence.

Duke-Sama also looks fairly surprised, though for a different reason.

He probably never thought I’d show up in the dining hall like this.

Straightening my back, I slowly start climbing the stairs to the second floor.


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