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You see, I was there at the scene~” Mel says waving a ridiculing hand around at the crowd.

“Just do it already,” Duke-Sama says, looking at Mel with an icy cold stare.


okay, okay~” Mel says, pouting.

….Just what is he having her do

『Yes What is it


I’d like for you to please come with me.


Like I said—! Umm….




Why do you want me to come with you Tell me the reason.



Are you incapable of speaking in intelligible sentences You must speak clearly if you want actual human beings to understand you.』

Suddenly, the full conversation leading up that line is being broadcast throughout the dining hall.

What’s going on…… this is getting crazy.

“It’s a specialty of earth magic,” Gilles whispers to me helpfully.

What the heck Earth magic is amazing…..

though none of the spells seem all that characteristic of earth….

Those idiotic game creators really did make a mess out of this whole magic system, didn’t they…. Though, they were creating a fantasy world for a romance game….

I guess they just did whatever they wanted.

Any cool spells that came to mind, they just threw it in somewhere, no holds barred.

“What the hell–!” shrieks the girl from next to Liz-san.

She’s visibly trembling now.

At the same time, a loud chorus of whispers break out amongst all the onlookers.

I also get the feeling that the exceedingly negative and cold light in which they all had been staring at me with has gotten somewhat lighter.

“What’s got ya so worked up Fufufu~”

In one second, Mel transforms into a devil.

Although her appearance is still that of an angel, the evil light shining through from inside her can only be described as demonic…..

“If you’re gonna use this sort of magic for your plot, you oughtta make good and sure that no one else who can use it is around~! But oh! I guess you just couldn’t see me back then ’cause I was invisible–! Oops~” Mel sticks out her tongue at the girl.

I don’t know how she can talk so cutely like that but still come off as so fearsome.

From the looks that everyone is throwing her way, it looks like no one is quite capable of keeping up with Mel’s erratic pace.

“That’s enough, Mel,” Duke-Sama says calmly.

He’s probably the only one who’d be able to say anything to her in this sort of situation.

I’m sure the rest of us are still trying to wrap our heads around what just happened.

“Aww~! Duke, you really are such a dirty, rotten slave-driver! Calling me out to do this and that, but then not letting me have any fun~!” Mel complains, her cheeks puffed up in adorable, pouty indignation.

And then the next moment, she’s just gone.

Like she was never there to beging with.

…..Like she’s a ghost.

“She’s just like a ghost,” Gilles comments, his eyes going wide at her sudden disappearance.

I was literally just thinking the same exact thing….

It’s like he read my mind.

“What exactly is going on Please give me a proper explanation,” Liz-san demands a bit angrily of the girl.

She seems flustered by Liz-san’s sudden tone of annoyance and her eyes start jumping around crazily from place to place.

I feel like I can see her eyeballs actually quivering in her head.

Seeing her lose her composure to this extent, I can’t help but laugh.

‘It’s way too early for you to think you can ensnare me in any sort of trap,’ I whisper deep within my heart.


But Liz-sama…..”


“I also got told that I have no charm by her!” the girl shouts a bit hysterically, pointing her finger in my direction.

……Like I said, do you understand how terribly rude it is to point at someone like that!

“I don’t understand,” Liz-san says, looking entirely baffled.

Certainly, for someone who just got here, that girl’s outburst must be rather nonsensical indeed.

I doubt anyone could comfortably understand.

“I told her that she doesn’t have an ounce of charm,” I say, sighing tiredly.

I’d usually speak politely at times like these….

but it should be fine to drop those formalities, right


“Because that’s how I feel”

“That’s not what I meant! How can you think that! She’s plenty charming!” Liz-san says, suddenly raising her voice.

The more angry she gets, the more her emerald green eyes seem to shine.

“People who like to ensnare others in vicious traps are charming” I laugh scornfully, sending a triumphant little glare her way.


Well, it certainly isn’t good for her to have done such a thing.

But she’s still a rather charming person,” Liz-san says, in a once again calm and controlled manner.

Ah, what a heroine-like thing to say.

“I suppose there could be something rather attractive about someone who does such coarse and despicable things,” I admit evilly.

“…..Wha–” At my comeback, Liz-san seems to be rendered speechless.

“Tell me, exactly what part of her do you find attractive” I continue.

“……Well, Emma is very kind and considerate.

I think she is a reliable and lovely person!”

“What about her appearance”


“We weren’t talking about what sort of person she is Or at least, I wasn’t.

We’re talking about her looks! Her face, features, physical appearance! So What exactly do you find oh-so-charming about her” I throw out the words while holding Liz-san’s gaze tightly with mine.


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