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Ahh, I wish my magic would hurry up and come back.

Not that I really used it all too much on a daily basis….

But still! Just knowing now that I can’t makes me feel so anxious.

And anxiety is certainly not an emotion befitting of a villainess.

I should always be overflowing with confidence and a brazen, imposing dignity.

If there is one tiny, miniscule silver lining to this situation, it’s that I’m able to meet with Liz-san often now that my seclusion has ended.

My days are filled with marvelous opportunities to display my efforts in villainy, so things aren’t all bad.

As I sit in the carriage and gaze out at the scenery, my mind is lost in such thoughts.

I don’t even notice the passing of time, and soon the majestic façade of the magic academy is rolling into view.


Um, we really admire you.”

Before Gilles and I had even taken ten steps from the carriage, a voice suddenly calls out to me.


It would seem that I’m about to be dragged into a rather tiresome conversation.

Glancing at Gilles, I can tell that he must be thinking something similar.

However, his expression says he’s determined to ignore the voice, so even as I stop walking, his pace doesn’t slow.

He continues striding towards the school without so much as a glance in my direction.

“We all quite detest Liz-san.”

“She’s so annoying.

Just because she’s a little cute, she gets so full of herself.”

“Just who does she think she is A mere commoner and yet she actually has the gall to join the student council”

“She’s always throwing herself at the other members too….

That little minx! Pretending to be all pure just so she can catch their attention.

And the boys just eat it up!”

With a great feeling of discomfort from the girl’s idle complaints, I begrudgingly turn to look at them.

I am instantly assaulted by four pairs of eyes staring into me expectantly.

After giving them a quick up and down, I see immaculate, pressed uniforms and haughty, prim postures that speak to their likely high social statuses.

“Alicia-Sama, wouldn’t you agree” asks a light orange-haired girl eagerly, too impatient to wait for me to speak first.

If you’re hoping for me to share your views, I’ll be rather troubled.

Knitting my brows with a slight scowl on my face, I square my shoulders and look directly at the gaggle of young women.

“Wasn’t the reason that she was was able to enter the student council because she excels in her studies” I ask tiredly.

At my words, all eight eyes go wide.

Liz-san and I may not agree on most subjects, and I might have a personal distaste for her, but I’ve never thought of her as particularly annoying.

On the contrary, I actually consider her a necessary existence in my plan to become a splendid villainess.

Without her, how would I manage to stand out

“N-no! She used the fact that she has a special power to worm her way into the student council!”

“That’s right! She’s an eyesore who’s constantly acting as if she’s this perfect little angel!”

“I refuse to accept the fact that a lowly commoner like her is disgracing the hallowed grounds of this academy.”

“Just because she’s somewhat pretty, she’s always getting fawned on by everyone.

It’s so irritating!”

One after another each of the girls chime in with their own trifling grievances about Liz-san.

…..I can’t be sure whether these are their true feelings or if this is a carefully laid trap set to further degrade my reputation, but either way their words are simply absurd.

Every moment that I spare for them is a massive waste of time.

“If you’d like to file a complaint, why not bring them up directly with the person herself Or, better yet, if you have the time to come up with such frivolous insults, wouldn’t it be better spent further improving and polishing yourselves instead of wallowing in petty jealousy It certainly may be true that her exceptional powers helped her to enter the student council, but no one else has such abilities.

It’s only natural that she’d get special treatment befitting her unique situation.”

By the end of my rant, I’m so done with our little chat that I’m practically spitting out the words in disgust.

Under the weight of my glare, one of the girls becomes so petrified that she begins shaking like a leaf.

I knew this situation was probably coming, since popular people are always likely to earn the ire of at least a couple of nobodies from within the crowd.

Of course, if Liz-san were to be unbelievably ugly things might not have turned out quite like this.

But beauty brings out the best and the worst in people.

The girls are all staring at me dumbfounded, but I ignore them.

I simply turn on my heel and begin strolling towards the school building again.

….Ah, that’s right, I almost forgot to say one last thing.

A few feet away from their group I stop and leisurely turn back to look at the girls.

“Just so you know, that boy who’s always with me He’s not from an aristocratic family.

Before insulting commoners in an attempt to get into someone’s good graces, you might want to do your research first,” I say, the corner of my lips languidly arching up into a roguish half smile.

I enjoy watching them as they flinch away from me, almost as if they’d been slapped.

“And above all else, the reason that I keep him by my side has nothing to do with his position within society.

I believe firmly in the idea of meritocracy; you should let your abilities speak for you, not your daddies’ high and mighty social statuses.

And in terms of abilities, that boy is the best of the best.

Certainly more intelligent than any of the half-baked nobles currently in attendance here.

So next time you have the desire to play nice with me, do us all a favor.


Because I’ll take a clever commoner over an insipid, idiotic aristocrat any day.”

To finish off my speech, I give them a big, toothy grimace of a grin.

Staring at me wide-eyed, they practically trip over themselves tottering a few trembling steps backwards.

And then, as if they’re being chased, they turn tail and bolt away.

Such wonderful reactions… Could it be that my stock as a villainess has risen once again I only smiled a bit and they immediately ran away from me!

“Alicia, your mouth looks like it’s going to rip,” Gilles says exasperatedly, coming up from behind me.

I wonder how long he’s been standing there

I quickly wipe the grin off my face and put on a more dignified, calm, emotionless expression.

That’s one of my weak points.

I let my guard down a bit too easily when I’m excited.

At least while I’m within this academy, I need to make sure to always remain focused.

Since you never know when someone might be watching!

“And, Alicia I like you.

Not in a romantic way or anything…..

But if it’s for your sake, I’m ready to lay my life on the line at any time,” Gilles tells me seriously.

My eye goes wide as my head jerks around to look at him.

His words were so sudden, I have no idea how to reply.

…..I’m a villainess so I obviously won’t say anything like ‘he shouldn’t think that’ or that ‘he should value his life more.’

It’s his own life, he should live it as he sees fit.

Plus, everyone’s core values are different.

That means it’s only natural that their goals and how they want to live their life would be different as well…..

So I can’t just tell him what he should do with his life.

Who am I to make such demands And my sense of ethics is weak anyway, so these sorts of topics are not my forte in the first place.


For my part, I’ll try to live in a way that won’t put us in danger of dying,” I say, patting him affectionately on the head.

“Alicia, you really do act more like a guy sometimes…..

But, I hope that if I do end up dying, it’ll be after I surpass you in intelligence first.”

“…..Gilles, I think you’re already smarter than I am”

“That’s not true,” Gilles mumbles smiling a bit bitterly.

…..That wasn’t just lip-service.

That’s what I truly believe.

With his level of comprehensive knowledge and profound insight I think there’s no doubt that he’s surpassed me at this point.

Without exchanging another word, the two of us head into the school together.


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