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“Just forget about her.

Come on, let’s go.”

Before I can do anything, the girls start walking towards me, trying to leave the dining hall.

Without thinking, I duck back through the door.

It would be awkward to have them find out that I’d been secretly watching them this whole time.

Who knows what sort of rumors that would create

I fully realize how it must sound, me worrying so much over my image.

But it’s something I’ve been doing nearly all my life.

Since greenery magic isn’t considered one of the five great magical elements, nor is my family part of the five great noble families, I have to skillfully monitor my public persona or else!

“Why’d you come back out” Finn asks me curiously.

“What else was I supposed to do Those girls started heading this way!”

It sounds like an excuse, even to my own ears.

Finn just sighs.

I usually get annoyed when he looks down on me like this, especially since he’s younger, but this time even I’m frustrated with myself.

“Just what is Alicia trying to do” Finn asks, perplexed.

I also have no clue.

She’s just been silently taking their insults this whole time.

And now, with no retaliation, they’re about to leave the dining hall.

Does Alicia really intend to just sit back and do nothing

Thinking this, I shift my attention over to her again.

It’s in this moment when it happens.

Something comes flying towards us.

Something that’s glinting dangerously in the light as it stabs through the air.

“Wah” Finn and I react simultaneously.

Alicia had thrown the knife.

The one we saw Gilles giving her earlier.

With a dull thud it stabs into the wall, its path slicing mere centimeters past where the girls are standing.

The three of them stand there, stunned, incapable of comprehending what had just occurred.

Their stiffened backs and bristling shoulders are the only sign of their understanding and horror.

But that’s only natural.

A knife whirled past them so close they must have felt the breeze.

Of course they can’t make heads nor tails of the situation.

….But rather than worry about them, I’m more in awe of Alicia’s impeccable control.

Since when was it so simple to throw such a deadly near miss And how strong must you be to nonchalantly fling a knife at that speed

“Wh-wh-what was that……” quavers a faint, terrified voice.

There is no longer any shock in the girls’ eyes, only fear.

With utter dread, they just stare at the knife protruding from the wall.

“So how does it feel to have a knife suddenly come flying towards your head” Alicia says, her face remaining entirely blank; impassive.

And then, ignoring the girls completely as they remain rooted to the spot, she moves to walk right past them.

She doesn’t even spare them a glance.

As if they’re nothing but bugs not even fit to be squashed beneath her feet.

“You…! Stop right there!” desperately hollers one of the girls.

“What was that supposed to be Revenge Did Emma say something to you She told you to give us a scare, didn’t she You must be planning to give it all back!! All the stuff we did to her!” she screeches, sounding half-crazed.

Looking extremely put off, like she can barely be bothered to reply, Alicia turns back to look at her.

With that one look it’s like all the bravado and energy leaks out of the girl.

She immediately shuts her mouth and a frightened expression comes over her face.

From my current position, I can’t see what sort of face Alicia is making, but I can hear her cold, quiet voice.

“The next one won’t miss.”

That one statement holds unbelievable pressure.

As a threat, her words are extremely effective.

Those girls probably thought that any payback would merely be a repeat of what they had done to Emma.

But they were wrong.

And their thoughts on the subject are clear from their faces.

So this is the look of someone filled with dread…..

Her speech and actions are completely clear of any waste or excess.

Just who is Alicia, really

And then I had a sudden thought…..

A handsome man, good looks, a pleasing demeanor….

would these things mean anything to Alicia

“Not running away” Finn whispers to me.

Wait! Right! I can’t let Alicia find me.

I need to get out of here.

“Curtis-Sama, Finn-Sama, might I have a moment of your time”

Before I can even take a single step, Alicia’s eye meets mine.


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