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176 Fifteen years old, Alicia, the eldest daughter of the Williams family


Alicia PoV:


I don’t want Emma to like me.

If I have any more friends, I’ll lose all my dignity as a villainess.


I’ve got to get her back on Liz’s side somehow.

Oh, I’ve so much more work to do.


I want to get to Ravaal Kingdom as soon as possible, and I don’t have time to waste on Emma.


“Ali-chan, what’s wrong, why the difficult look on your face”


I envy you, Curtis-sama, you always look so carefree.


“Nothing, really.

But where’s Duke-sama”


“Oh I didn’t know Ali-chan would finally start looking for the Duke! This big brother is glad.”


“I’m uncertain if I actually understand what you mean…”


“You’re right, Ali-chan wouldn’t understand.”


“Well, Duke’s the only one who’s been looking out for Alicia so far.”


“If I had known, I wouldn’t have said those things to the Duke.”


Gilles said to me as if to stop me.


…I can’t believe he said that much.

I mean, Duke-sama is supposed to be in love with the heroine.


I didn’t expect him to fall in love with me, the villainess… No, excuses are not appropriate.

It was my fault for not being able to understand him.

I wanted to be a villainess, but not to the point of being an abominable person.


Though I’m curious.

I don’t know where I went wrong, and I also don’t remember doing anything to make Duke-sama fall for me.


…I wonder what it feels like to be in love.

I wonder if falling in love and liking someone are the same thing.


I wonder if there is a book about love.

Someone should write one.


“Ali-chan, what are you thinking”


“It’s hard for her to hear us when she’s like this.”


“It must be very difficult for her because she’s wrinkling her brow in thought.”


“No, I don’t think so.”


“How do you know”


“Basically, Alicia never had a difficult expression on her face.

Even when she’s faced with a difficult problem.

The only time she makes this expression is when she’s thinking about romantic relationships.”


“Romantic relationship…”


“Ah, *pout* I just don’t get it!”


I cried out, my voice unintentionally shouted out what’s in my heart.


Gilles, Curtis-sama and Finn-sama looked at me with slightly surprised expressions.


“What’s wrong”


Curtis-sama asked me with his widened eyes.


At this point, I guess I’ll just have to ask Curtis-sama.

There was no such thing as a manual book about love.


It seems I’ll have to rely on Curtis-sama, a man in love.

I wonder if Curtis-sama has ever been truly in love in the first place.

Isn’t it mostly a game No, it’s not good to judge the book by its cover.



Have you ever really fallen in love with someone, Curtis-sama”


“No, I haven’t.”


Before I could even finish my question, Curtis-sama replied softly in a calm tone.


I couldn’t feel any anger, but, for some reason, I could feel sorrow.


I guess it’s better not to engage in this too deeply.

Well, everyone has their own circumstances, right


I remember completing the Curtis-sama route, but… Did I come across any complications


“From my point of view, I envy both Duke-sama and Ali-chan.”




“If there’s one thing I can tell you… Love is not a theory.”


Curtis-sama spoke in a soft tone as he stared into my eyes.


“That’s a cliché, isn’t it”


Gilles’ sharp words made Curtis-sama’s face twitch a little.


“Don’t ruin the atmosphere instantly.”


“I’m sorry, Curtis, he just wanted to look good.”


Finn-sama shot Curtis-sama a look of pity.


“You never believed me.”


Curtis-sama said, glaring lightly at Finn-sama.


Rather than the topic about love, I’m more interested in what Curtis-sama had just said about being jealous of me and Duke-sama.

I wonder what he’s jealous of.


“What do you envy about Alicia and Duke”


Gilles asked in a slightly more serious tone.


Oh, aren’t they too good at reading what’s on my mind


I thought to myself as I turned my gaze towards Curtis-sama.



Righteous Flower of Evil:

Mwahaha! I still get to give my two cents~ And my two cents is: Alicia, do you really think a womanizer is the best person to ask for love advice! *facepalm* I’m excited to hear more about Curtis’s backstory though!


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