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In the end, I decided not to visit the impoverished village today.

Instead, I headed back to my room, lay down in bed, and just continued to gaze at the necklace that Duke-Sama had given me.

Its so beautiful, I cant help but become entranced by it.

Duke-Sama certainly doesnt seem like hes treating me like a younger sister….

His conduct towards me feels like hes treating me like a lady.

But maybe thats just how he treats all women

I mean, hes destined to fall in love with the heroine… And Im someone whos destined to bully the heroine…..

So it wouldnt make sense for him to treat only me like that, right

……I wonder what I should do if he demands that I return the necklace later on

A proper villainess would definitely refuse… She would never return something that she had received.

She would keep even the lesser valued trinkets all to herself, so Im sure theres no way a villainess would return a gift of of this magnitude that is easily able to promote her high social standing……

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I jump off the bed and walk over to stand in front of the mirror.

Carefully, I unclasp the necklace and try putting it on.

The jewel lands just at the base of my throat.

With it being this short, it wont get in the way during sword practice, so I can keep it on all day!

And it truly is gorgeous.

The diamond, still glittering with an almost blue light…..

somehow gives off the impression that Duke-Sama is near me.

……What am I saying Im just being silly.

Duke-Sama is older than me, the kings son, and hes going to fall in love with the heroine in the future.

To prevent myself from overthinking things any further, I throw myself into doing some sit-ups for my nightly workout.

The next day, Rosetta comes to my room bright and early and the first thing she does is ask about the necklace.

“Is that the necklace that you received from Duke-Sama yesterday! Its so beautiful!” she cries, her eyes sparkling as she stares down at the jewel hanging from around my neck.

“……Is that a diamond!” Rosetta asks, her eyes going wide as they dart up to look at my face.

“Thats what I was told.”

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Rosettas eyes widen even further.

Thats right.

Its natural to be surprised.

Diamonds are so rare….

Maybe it really would be better not to wear it….

Wait, no.

Im a villainess!

I ought to be wearing expensive and valuable items like this all the time.

Later that day, it was Alan-Oniisamas and Henry-Oniisamas turn to question me.

Though, I had predicted this might happen so I wasnt surprised.

” “So you got this from Duke!” “

“Thats a diamond, right”

“Yeah, definitely a diamond.”

“Dang, I wish I wouldve been there when he was giving it to you.”

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Their conversation flows smoothly despite not even letting me get a word in.

They just keep answering their own rapid-fire questions.

And even after that, everyone that I passed by in the halls all couldnt help but admire the necklace.

When I saw Mother, she just smiled and told me that it was lovely, but Fathers eyes went wide and he stiffened a bit when he saw it.

To have the kings son give his daughter a diamond necklace is a rather surprising event after all.

But even so, is this really that big of a deal To have the whole estate in such an uproar like this….

My necklace has been the number one topic all day.

I guess diamonds are even more precious and rare than I initially thought.

And with that idea whirling through my mind, I absentmindedly head over to the library.


T/N: Haha I guess Alicias dad isnt ready to give his precious daughter away to anyone yet XD I have a feeling we wont have to worry about him forcing a political marriage on her in the future lol.


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