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“Stay here and stay put.” 


The manager of this room said to me with an air of disgust.


I sat down as inconspicuously as I could in the small, concrete, empty room.


It’s a good thing I changed my clothes.

I fit in wonderfully.

I wonder what the others did.

They must have must have done something terrible to be exiled from the country.

…like murdering a nobleman in cold blood


I observed them without being noticed.


None of them seemed to be in a state of panic about what was going to happen next, and they all had a look of hopelessness in their eyes.

In particular, one woman and one man, who seemed to be a couple, were completely immersed in despair.

They were leaning against the wall with dead eyes.


It’s the opposite of me being so full of joy.

Oh, I really wonder what they’ve done!


There’s not much information you can get by just observing.

I want to hear the stories directly from the people themselves.

It would be more efficient that way…


“What did you do, little boy”


One obese man asked me in a thick voice.


Oh, I didn’t know he was going to ask me the same thing I was going to ask him…


As for the crimes for which I was exiled, I was technically guilty of erasing the prince’s memory, torturing Liz-san, and murder.

…I’ll just say the last one.


“…for murder.”


I made my voice as low as possible and mumbled.


It was difficult to make a low voice.

But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it once I practice a bit more.


“So, a tiny frail boy like you is guilty of murder”


The man looked impressed for some reason.


Perhaps reacting to the word murder, the other three seemed to take a little interest in me as well.


I guess they were still interested in a child like me being deported, even though they were probably too busy with their own affairs.


Now that I’ve answered his question, can I ask him a question, too Or better yet, can I question all of them


“What crimes did you all get caught for” 


Everyone froze for a moment at my question, then the obese man opened his mouth, looking a little hesitant.


“I’m guilty of murder too.”


“So are we.” 


The male member of the couple then spoke up.


The other man who remained, a baldy, gave off an aura that seemed to say he would never speak a single word.

For some reason, he seemed to be the only one who stood out in the crowd.


He’s quiet, tall, and has a lot of scars on his body that could have been caused by a blade.

I wonder if he’s an assassin or something.


“I’m sure the crime of killing isn’t that serious in this country.”


The obese man chuckles.


Indeed, it is, the crime of murder is no longer a crime.

It didn’t even matter when I killed the bandits.

…Then why are they being deported


If this keeps up, I’ll probably end up going to the Ravaal Kingdom with nothing but distrust and doubts about this country.


“Boy, what’s your name” 


“…Ria.” (Alicia)


I thought for a moment before answering.

I couldn’t come up with a boy’s name in an instant, so I answered by reversing my nickname, “Ali”.



My name’s Phil.” 


“I’m Mill, and this is my wife, Ruby.”  


Ruby barely responded to Mill’s words, just leaned against the wall, not showing the least bit of energy.


I glanced over at the shaved man, but they didn’t know his name either, and didn’t seem to have had a single word of conversation with him.


“Time to go.

Go outside.” 


As they finished introducing themselves, the manager opened the door to the room.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Lol, they’re all in for murder I don’t know why this feels funny to me XD


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