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“Well, there was some talk about some young lady being exiled from the country, but I wonder what happened to her.” 


One of the two men in front of me muttered.


…I didn’t know that rumors could spread in such an instant.

Well, it’s big news for the country, right


I wonder if I’ll really be able to return to the Duelkis Kingdom safely.


“Oh, you’re talking about the young lady of one of the five great noble families.

Isn’t the fiercely naive prince going to let her stay in the country somehow anyway” 


I’m here, unfortunately for you.


“But there was a guy who said he saw her going to the castle locked in a cage, so it looks like she’s pretty guilty this time.” 


“I’m sure they’ll let her live a good life in some castle somewhere over here, even if she gets exiled anyway.” 


“That’s true, the nobles almost always cover up their crimes.

It’s an envious existence.” 


Nope, my guess is I’ll either be locked up like everyone else, or I’ll have to work….

I’m just another outcast here.


Of course, I don’t want to be a slave at all.

My goal is to go to the Ravaal Kingdom to learn its true nature.

To do that, I need to sneak into the castle… But, how


“I wonder who in the world is going to transport the Lady.” 


“It’s probably some direct officer of the Seeker family.

Even though they’re criminals, there’s no way we could be the armed escorts to transport a nobleman’s daughter.” 


Oh, you should feel honored by this moment.

I’m happy to report that you’re now carrying the young lady of one of the five great noble families.


No one will believe me if I said it out now, though.


“Where are we going to be taken” 


“I don’t know.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a good place.” 


Phil replied in a slightly cheerful tone.


“…Somewhere not too far from the capital, I hope.” 




“No, it’s nothing.” 


I couldn’t help but blurt that out.


For now, I’ll just conserve my strength.

I slowly closed my eyes.


“Hey, we’re here.

Wake up kid.”


I slowly opened my eyes at the rough words.


“You slept so well.” 


Phil smirked as he said that, entering my field of vision.


While still in a daze, I stood up and stepped out of the cage.


I know I’m already in the Ravaal Kingdom, but there’s nothing here that seemingly proves that I am already in Ravaal Kingdom at all.


There’s no flag, there’s no one who looks like a person from Ravaal…


We were all dropped off in a dark place surrounded by brick walls.


…What is this strange smell I couldn’t help but frown at the strong, sour smell that tingled in my nose.


It was a different smell from the impoverished village… Anyway, it was definitely a place that no nobleman would ever enter.


“Where are we”


Mill looks around while holding his wife Ruby.

There should be nothing to be afraid of anymore, but he looked frightened.


“Welcome to the Ravaal Kingdom.” 


A low, eerie voice came from the behind them.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Smells weird, brick, and some guys afraid… is she actually going to be thrown in jail Or maybe some sort of concentration camp


Editor’s note: Alicia refers herself to Ria because she used Ali (the masculine version of her shortened name), then inverted the name backwards so as to make it less obvious that she’s Ria.

Remember, she disguised herself as a boy, and also to not let her identity be unraveled that easily.

However, for the purpose of consistency, I’m applying / marking every speech she makes as Alicia.


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