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A stern-looking young man with glasses stood there.


…Compared to my shabby rags, his beautiful clothes resembled something like a suit.

I can’t tell if it’s casual or formal attire.

I mean, thinking about it, this otome game’s worldview was pretty amazing.


“Where am I” 


“This is the basement of the Ravaal Kingdom’s arena.” 


The man answered Phil’s question immediately.


Why the arena… I could see everyone’s faces twitching.


Oh, I see.

We’ve been exiled from the country.

I mean, our lives are worth so little.

Maybe we’ll just be a freak show in this country.


“Well, I’ll let you fight tomorrow morning.” 


The man said and pointed at Phil with a creepy smile on his face.


Phil froze, his eyes dazed, just staring at the man’s finger.


Wait a minute, we don’t have the stamina to fight right after we get here, and of course we would probably die.

Though, it depended on what the opponent was…


“How about… a hungry lion as an opponent” 


What are you talking about Lions How many lions How big are they What gender


My brain was racing in circles and I couldn’t sort it out.

I was a little confused by the reality that had suddenly hit me.

I knew that exile was not something to be taken lightly, but this could be very bad….


If I hadn’t been dressed like this, would I have been treated better No, before that, they might have found out that I was a noble and sent me away in a different carriage.


Well, it’s pointless to think about it at this point.


“Tomorrow… morning” 


“Don’t worry.

You can eat as much as you want until you’re full.” 


“Wait, wait, wait… Can’t we do this a little later” 


“I’m afraid I can’t allow that.” 


“…what about time to work out, or, you know, prepare my mind.” 


Phil faltered with frightened eyes as he spoke.


“And, besides, I’m the oldest one here.

So, I need some time.”


He looks at the man as if he were begging God for help. 


In contrast, the man looks down at Phil in return with a very cold stare.


It’s not that he doesn’t have a heart, but it makes me realize that he really only sees us as tools of his trade.


“Hey, please, just a bit.” 


“Don’t interfere with me, you criminal.

You’ve been casted away, deported.

At least be useful as lion food.” 


The man said, covering Phil’s mouth forcefully with one hand.


Phil’s eyes widened at the sharp, piercing words, and I could see that his eyes were tearing up a little.


… You really mean it, don’t you That’s pretty harsh.

I guess this is another test in order to become a villainess…


I wonder if my biography will state that once I was almost fed to some captive lions.


That’s good.

I’m fine with that.

I’m going to survive this predicament.


I lifted the edges of my mouth a little grinning, showing my determination.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Not a jail then, haha.

Definitely didn’t see this one coming XD What do you guys think Is she really going to fight a lion Or lions Or is something going to happen so that she doesn’t have to I, for one, would like to see her fight hahaha.

Maybe winning the match will be her ticket to the castle! Maybe she’ll infiltrate as a slave sent to become a knight or something!! That would be cool.


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