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“Are you sure you want to replace him”


Mill gave him a skeptical look.


“If I could take his place, I’d take it right now.”


“You’re…, you’re still young.

Don’t do this.”


I wonder where all that hostility from earlier went.

How strange that there was still kindness between two people who had committed crimes that got them expelled from the country.


Maybe Mill and Ruby had a child the same age as me, but….


Nevertheless, I felt a strange killing intent from earlier.

Well, I know who’s giving off this killing intent.


…That bald guy.

He was suspicious of me.

He was directing an energy at me that no normal person would be able to sense.

I think it would be more accurate to say that he was quietly observing me so as not to be detected.

Because he never looked at me directly.


“Yes, you should live.”


Ruby spoke for the first time, staring at a point with a weak voice.


Oh, you can talk.

Or rather, she was listening to us despite being dazed.


“Why What does it matter what I do with my life”


“…I don’t want to see more…oh, I don’t want to see any more children like you…die.”


“I think you’re mistaken.

I don’t intend to die, not even a little.”


Mill finally spoke up, enraged at my words.


“Then how are you going to fight a lion with your slender body that has no strength or muscles!”


…I wouldn’t know about that.

I don’t know, because I haven’t met a lion yet.

How big it was and how powerful the lion was, I had no idea.


“If you have a chance of winning, tell me.”


Even if I had information, I wouldn’t tell them.

I don’t want to say something unnecessary and make that bald guy over there suspect me even more.


“Shut up! Be quiet!”


The guard standing in front of the prison yells at us.

With those words, Mill closes his mouth and looks away from me as if he’s lost his strength.


“I want to talk to the man with the glasses earlier.”


I said firmly in a clear voice, undaunted by the guard’s words.


“Oh The man with the glasses …You mean the manager”


So it was the manager, after all.


The guard glared at me with questioning eyes.


“What the hell do you want with him”


“I want you to make me the Lion’s opponent tomorrow.”


“What You’re out of your mind.”


Why don’t you go get that manager


“Hey, kid, don’t get carried away.”


The guard’s hand reached out from the fence and grabbed me by the chest.


If you pull like that, my clothes will stretch.

I’m okay because I’ve got a sarashi wrapped around my chest, but it’s going to make my originally tattered clothes even worse.


Even through the cloth, I could tell that he was staring at me with a terrible expression.


“What the heck are you doing”


I heard the voice of the glasses guy from a little far away.


Oh my, what good timing! If I could just tell him in person, we could work something out.


“Ah, Manager.”


The guard let go of my hand quickly.

At the same time, a low voice filled with anger echoed.


“What the hell are you doing”


“This little brat, telling me to make him the spectacle of tomorrow…”


What happened to your bravado from earlier The manager made him shrink back so much.


I hear the sound of footsteps walking towards me.

Now I can finally get the manager to recognize me.


“You little brat”


As soon as he sees me, the man with glasses frowns.


“Tomorrow is the day the king is supposed to arrive.

We can’t let this weakling out.”


…So there are days when the king comes and days when he doesn’t.

Well, I don’t have that much time on my hands, do I


Wait, does this mean I’m going to be on a freak show on the days when the king is not here That’s not good.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Lol, so they are worried about Alicia cause she is scrawny and a child… but no one questions her fighting a lion while blind XD Honestly, wouldn’t that be the most difficult problem to overcome


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