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My current identity is that of 7-year-old Alicia, the Williams familys oldest daughter.

Im now living in a fantasy world where magic is real and where much of the nobility can wield its power.

Though in theory, only members of the aristocracy should be capable of using magic, due to the memories from my past life, I already know that a commoner with such abilities will appear in the near future.

Namely, the heroine…

But lets not talk about that particular subject for now.

Whats important is that I, as a proud member of the aristocracy, am also capable of wielding magic power.

My family, the Williams family, is a prestigious noble house known for our expertise in harnessing the power of darkness magic, one of the five main elements that sustain this world, the remaining elements being light, water, wind, and fire.

And incidentally, the Kingdom in which I currently reside in is known for its water magic.

But even if thats the case, that doesnt mean every magic user excels in water magic.

Its up to each individual spellcasters efforts and talents to determine how well theyll be able to use magic, and what magic they may have an affinity for.

For instance, I am planning to show the world just how perfectly I can master darkness magic.

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After all, if I want to become this worlds best villainess, having top-notch magic skills is a must!

From tomorrow on, I need to make sure that I wake up bright and early so I can hole up in the library and start learning how to use my magic powers.

“Good morning, Rose!” I say to my personal maid, Rosetta, as I fly past her out the door to my room.

Her eyes grow wide as she sees me already up and about before she had the chance to come in and wake me up.

Her face looks almost as if she had seen a ghost, shes so taken aback.

Certainly, such an occurrence would have been unthinkable for the old me.

I never once greeted her in the morning nor managed to wake up early on my own, after all.

I was someone selfish and prideful who wouldnt bother to open her mouth unless it was to complain about something.

So even this much is probably enough to shock my whole family, let alone my maid.

But it wasnt entirely my fault that I turned out that way, you know.

Looking back on it, everyone doted on me so excessively that its pretty natural that I turned into such a spoiled brat.

But thats all in the past now.

From today onward, Im going to start being more strict with myself.

As I run through the halls, I see that my brothers are practicing their swordsmanship in the garden.

I wonder if they practice like this every morning I definitely need to learn from their example.

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My oldest brother, Albert,1 is 12 years old.

And then the twins, Alan and Henry, are 10 this year.

These three older brothers of mine are the complete opposite of my old self: they are all extremely talented and hardworking.

Though, considering the special education that Father has been giving them since they were young, of course they would all turn out so well.

And, since all three of my brothers were Capture Targets, all of them are extremely handsome.

The reason that Alicia started bullying the heroine was because she thought that her brothers were going to be stolen away from her.

Unfortunately, this ended up backfiring since it only made her brothers hate her, resulting in them abandoning Alicia in the end.

Ah~~ The wonderful woes of a villainess~

But, now that Im thinking about it….

How did Alicia bully the heroine No matter how hard I try, I cant seem to remember…..

Well, if I cant recall how Alicia did it originally, I guess Ill just have come up with my own diabolical schemes to bully her with.

As a devoted villainess enthusiast, Ill show everyone that I can act out the roll of the best villainous woman ever!

Hearing a clang, my attention is once again drawn to my brothers sword fighting practice.

Seeing them working hard like this makes me want to try it too.

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I actually had pretty good reflexes back in my previous life.

I loved playing all kinds of sports, too! Though I never had the opportunity to try fencing… But that just makes me want to try it out even more now.

And if I want to become a great villainess, being physically fit is a must.

“Brother! Please teach me how to use a sword too!”

Hearing me suddenly call out to them, my brothers all stop practicing and turn to look in my direction.

Hm Theyre all wearing stupid expressions while staring at me.

Dont give me that sort of look.

Youre making it seem like I said something crazy.

……I wonder if its taboo for women to learn how to wield a sword in this world.

I feel like my memories from this life and my past life are getting mixed up.

I cant figure out what information came from which life.

“Ali Are you feeling sick”

His eyes still wide in disbelief, Albert takes a good look at my face.

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“Im feeling great! Super healthy.”

“…..Why do you want to learn how to use a sword all of a sudden” he asks, giving me a kind smile.

And that smile on his almost unbearably handsome face….

even though were related, the effect is still ridiculously powerful.

Please be careful where you point that thing.

Otherwise you are going to reduce young women everywhere to tears.

And while Albert is flashing his blinding pearly whites at me, Alan and Henry are still standing there, dumbstruck.

“Because I want to grow stronger.”

” “No way.” ” Alan and Henry say simultaneously.

As expected of twins, theyre perfectly in sync.

I wonder if Albert was also surprised by my reason since his face seemed to harden when he heard my reply.

I want to get stronger so that I can properly bully the heroine when the time comes…! Its a perfectly natural reason, dont you think

After staring really intently at my face for another moment, Albert reaches out a hand to feel my forehead.

How rude.

I dont have a fever, I already said I feel great.

Im being perfectly serious when I said that I want to learn.

The source of this content is li_g_htnovelworld_.com

Alan and Henry come up to stand beside Albert, whos still feeling my forehead.

With their faces all lined up in a row like this so close to mine, even though Im their sister, to be stared at so seriously by three beautiful boys is still kind of embarrassing.

“Al,2 what should we do” Henry asks Albert who closes his eyes for a moment, furrowing his brows in thought.

He murmurs something to the twins in a low voice and then turns back to look at me.

“Okay,” Albert says, smiling kindly at me again.

But Albert, you cant fool me.

I heard everything.

“Shell probably just give up in a few days,” he had whispered.

But I assure you, once Ive decided to do something, Ill stick with it to the very end.

In order to become this worlds best villainess, Ill overcome every obstacle that stands in my way.

“Thank you,” I say, letting a huge grin form on my face, exuding confidence.

Nevertheless, none of my brothers look convinced.

The source of this content is li_g_htnovelworld_.com


T/N: I usually include the honorifics in my translations, but for some reason they just dont feel right in this… If you are curious about them, make sure to read the footnotes below! And please let me know your thoughts if you have opinions on including/not including them!

1Alicia refers to her brothers as お兄様ーおにいさまーOniisama, so whenever she is saying their names she says Albert-niisama, Alan-niisama, Henry-niisama, not just their names.

I go back and forth about whether to include that, or to say Brother Albert or something similar, but at the moment it is sounding kind of cringey to me, so I am planning to leave it out for now.↩

2Although Alicia uses Oniisama, her brothers arent nearly as formal.

Albert refers to Alicia as Ali without adding any honorifics, while Alan and Henry refer to Albert simply as Al-Nii.↩


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