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I did some strength training and stretching to loosen up before lunch, and then concentrated on calming my mind.


I could see people coming into the spectator area of the arena.

It’s getting noisier and noisier.


People may end up dying, but there was so much enthusiasm.

Even though we were neighbors, our cultures were so different to each other.


“It’s time.”


The guard’s voice echoed in the prison.


I felt like a condemned man about to be executed.

I had no intention of dying at all, but the guards gave off that vibe.


The guard opened the door and motioned for me to step out.

I let out a small sigh and stepped out of the cell.

Each of our  footsteps echoed in the hallway with a steady clatter.


“You’re a fool, a child like you choosing an early death.”


The guard suddenly spoke up.

He looked at me sympathetically, as if he felt sorry for me.


…Is he a good man No worries, I wanted to take this path, and I had chosen it for myself, and I’m just enjoying the ride.


“Is it unusual for a person my age to be made a spectacle of”


“…Yes, it is.

Basically, grown men compete.

Kids just do chores until then.”


“I see.”


There was no way I was going to spend the rest of my adult life in a place like this.


The closer we got to the entrance, the more lively it became.

The cheering was awesome, even though nothing had started yet.


“I wish you luck.”


“Thank you.”


I thought they would be more hard on the sinners, but they were gentler than I thought.

Maybe it was because I was a child.

Did it remind him of his own child


There was a fence at the entrance, and it seemed that this fence would go up as we started.

The audience seats were designed to look down on us.


It’s like an ancient Roman arena.

…I wonder if it was modeled after that.


“Show us something good~!”


“I wonder what today’s spectacle will be!”


“He’s going to fight a lion, right He’s got to be a big guy!”


I could hear these voices coming from above.


I wondered why the language was the same even though we were from different countries with different cultures.

Was it because it was an otome game


Well, that would be much better.

It would be easier to communicate if the language was unified.

However, I know that I could speak the ancient languages of various countries.

I learned it when I was reading about it.


As I was thinking about this, the fence slowly went up.

At the same time, the cheers got louder.


I took the small sword hanging on the wall and put it in my waist.


The big sword had more offensive power, but it would get in the way when I moved.

…I don’t think I could compete with a hungry lion with a small sword like this, but it can’t be helped.


I should be nervous, but my heartbeat was drowned out by the loud cheering.


The fence was raised, and I stepped out into the arena.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

I wonder if Duelkis is sending their prisoners to Ravaal fully knowing that they are sending them to miserable deaths Is this their way of giving the death penalty without having to get their hands dirty This Otome Game sure is dark lol.


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