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Gilles 11 Years Old


Gilles PoV:


“Do you miss her”


I asked Duke, who was staring blankly outside.


I was certain I was the only one who noticed that he hadn’t forgotten about Alicia.


At the sound of my voice, he slowly turned his head in my direction.

He looked me in the eye and must have realized that it was useless to lie in front of me.

He chuckled.




“…You are a fool, you know.

I still can’t believe you let that pretty butterfly fly away.”


Duke chuckled at my words.


Duke was typically very laid-back, but he seemed to be a little more restrained this time.


Well, it would have been hard for him to deport the person he loves with his own hands.

…though Alicia herself was delighted by it.


Will he be called the crazy prince someday Certainly, deporting the woman he loved was insane.

But in this situation, it couldn’t be helped.


Alicia was the only person who could change things in this situation, where relations with other countries were not good.

There was no one better suited for this spy role than her.

The others were too useless.


No, this country was flawed from the beginning.

It may look pretty on the outside, but the inside was in shambles.


Alicia would definitely be able to do something about it.


I have absolutely no reason to doubt her, after all, she is a genius.

She had the ability to immediately grasp what the other party wanted and what they were looking for, and to negotiate with them.


Diplomacy is something that a young lady should never be able to do, but she seems to be able to do it effortlessly.

That was how much potential she possessed.


She persevered in the face of adversity, growing stronger, bettering herself, and becoming more attractive.


…Duke’s self-control is impressive.

He is very possessive, so it must have taken a lot of courage to send Alicia, whom he adores, to a foreign country.


“Butterflies are meant to fly, right”




Duke’s sudden comment brought me back to my senses.


He was staring out the window, and I could tell that he was thinking of Alicia.


“Using the prince’s power to lock her in here would be a piece of cake.

But that would be pointless.

She’ll only hate me if I do that.”


“A butterfly in flight is beautiful.

Alicia is going to get more and more beautiful.”


“Yeah, I guess so.”


“She might not come back, you know.”


“She’ll come back.”


Duke responded immediately.


Where the hell did you get that confidence from Of course, I want her to come back.

But we have no idea what could happen.

Perhaps she will choose to remain in the Ravaal Kingdom.


“Alicia will never lose her purpose.”


“That’s true, it’s rare to find someone with such strong convictions.

…What are the chances that she will be taken by another man”


This was entirely possible.

Even the people who didn’t like her in the beginning are drawn to her personality.


And her looks….

She is beyond comparison.

As long as Alicia didn’t disguise her personality or hide all of her face, someone in the Ravaal Kingdom would surely fall for her.


“…I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


After a short pause, Duke interjected.


“I’m sure I’m the only man who could handle her.”


…What the hell did he do No way, did he already make a move


“Did you kiss Alicia, who has zero experience in relationships and is insensitive to them”


Duke smirked at my words.


Ugh, he is such a bad person.

So, out of the blue, he kissed her to show her that he was the only guy in the world.


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