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The lion’s fangs were far larger than I had anticipated.

I’d never be able to recover if one got stuck in my arm.


A mane, a powerful body, and big, sharp fangs, a symbol of the king of beasts.


…Well, it’s what I read in a book once, but wasn’t it the female who did the hunting


“You’re a pimp.”


As I locked my gaze on the beast, I sneered lightly.

Throughout it all, he was relentless in his attacks on me.


I wonder if he didn’t get tired.


The moment it managed to get a step ahead of me, I smashed the small sword as hard as I could into his paw.

The lion crumpled to the ground in an instant.


For a moment, everyone was silent, but soon they started cheering.


“The kid’s done it!”


“I can’t believe my eyes.

I’m not dreaming, am I”


“I didn’t think a little kid like him could fight like this…”


But, the fight wasn’t over yet.

I had to kill this lion now.


I slowly approached the lion, who was motionless and out of breath.


Why did it have such a resigned look on its face when it could have just dragged its feet and run away Was it really a wild beast


I was exhausted myself, but it appeared that the lion was pretty tired as well.


“Out of drugs.”


I heard someone muttering to himself inside the venue’s fence.




What the hell had they been giving him Was it because of the drugs that he went on a rampage and tried to attack me


I gently put my hand on the lion.

At that moment, our eyes met.


All of the sounds around us were muffled, and it felt like time had stood still for just me and him.


I felt as if he was staring at me not with the eyes of a beast, but with the eyes of a man pleading for help.

From where my hand touched him, his memories flooded into my mind.


His parents were slaughtered by humans when he was a child, and he was brought here as a freak show.

Then, against his will, he was drugged and raised to be more violent.


…What the hell is this The feelings he conveyed are so sad and painful.


The lion, who is supposed to be roaming the wild, is trapped and chained up in a small cage and is subjected to violence at the hands of humans.

For the sake of entertainment, humans can be quite cruel and merciless.


“What are you waiting for Finish him off!”


“Kill him!”


What a cruel world we live in.

I pity you for being treated like a toy.

You’ve been torn to pieces, and yet you’re still fighting, and no one is praising you.

There’s no one to help you.


“Kill it now!”


“Can’t you see !”


Shut up…huh


Suddenly, the hall becomes silent.

I shift my gaze towards the king.


…That was a good call.

Everyone in the hall closes their mouths as soon as the king raises his hand to signal silence.

That means the king had that much power.


“This is the King of the Ravaal Kingdom.”


I muttered quietly as I stared at the king, who looked at me as if he was testing me.


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