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I’m so tired today…


I didn’t think that soldier training was that hard.

Moreover, the captain was very spartan with me.


I managed to do everything, but I almost gave up when I was told to run the last 5 kilometers as fast as I could.

I ran with what strength I had left, but when I thought that I would have to go through that training every day from now on….


I thought that the training I had done when I was a child was quite good, but it was nothing compared to this.

I wonder if the corps directly under the prince was truly special.


I lay down next to Rai, who was sleeping peacefully.

His black, fluffy fur is so soft and comfortable.


I think I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep today.


Come to think of it, there was a time when I wanted to magically transform myself into a Lion.

I was in a magical slump at the time and couldn’t quite get it right.


This wasn’t the time to be nostalgic about memories, though.

It was enough to remember the past and dwell on those memories before I died.


I closed my eyelids with that thought.


“Good night, Rai.”


I mumbled a few words and drifted off to sleep next to Rai.


I woke up to the sound of birds chirping.

The morning sun was relentless when I opened my eyes.

Unable to open my eyes fully, I got dressed and went outside the hut so as not to wake Rai.


…it was sort of like waking up in the morning, almost like in a manga.


There was still some time left before training.


“I wish I could go to that tower.”


Before I knew it, I was making my way towards the tower.


I didn’t like that I was doing exactly what the prince wanted, but I didn’t want it to keep bothering me.

Leaving things to mope around forever wouldn’t be in character for villainess.


“It’s more distant than I thought it would be, that tower.”


It was the tallest, so no matter where you were in the royal palace, it was visible and conspicuous; but, when I decided to go there, it was quite a distance away.


The servants were busy working from early in the morning.


This was a country of great power, in my opinion.

The servants seemed to be so quick and efficient, and there were so many of them… Well, I didn’t know anything about the state of Duke’s house in the morning, so I can’t comment on the state of this house.


I stopped in front of the tower.


“So high!”


I bet that would be the first word that would come out of anyone’s mouth.

I could hurt my neck because of how high it was.


I entered the tower and let out a small sigh.


For the first time since I came to this world, I felt the need for an elevator.

I have to train myself to go up the tower.


There was a spiral staircase all the way to the top.

It would mean a lot of exercise in the morning to get to where he wants me to go.


“I’ve come this far.

I have to go up.”


I took a step forward, thinking so.


The same scene kept repeating itself all the way up the stairs, but I still couldn’t see the end goal.


I should have gone up quite a bit….


I glanced down.

I could tell that I was quite a ways off the ground.


I continued up the stairs for a long time, but still couldn’t see where they were leading to.

It was as if something was trying to keep me from reaching it.


“This tower, it’s enchanted.”


I muttered to myself in a small voice.


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