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The only way to break the spell is to use magic.


…If Victor hears that I’ve used magic here, I’m finished.

He will instantly know that I am a nobleman from another country.


It might be wise to give up.


To begin with, the Ravaal Kingdom was a country where magic may or may not exist…Not everything written in the books had to be true.


There were a few people who could use magic, but it was difficult to get the latest information in a world that was forever changing.


“Maybe I should hire an informant.”


I didn’t have the financial resources to do that right now, though.


But still, there were a lot of things that were bothering me.

The three people who worked for exiled Uncle Will, the wolf who appeared at the school, and the percentage of people who could use magic in this kingdom….


I thought the King couldn’t use magic, but something tells me that Victor can.

It was just a hunch, though.


“I think my head is going to explode.”


It was too complicated, right I feel like I’ve gotten lost in a maze.


At any rate, I’m curious to know what kind of person cast this magic.


But now would not be a good time to use magic.

I need to know a little bit more about this country…


I sigh a little in my heart.

I guess I should go home for today.


“Hey, little guy! What are you doing here”


As soon as I came out of the tower, someone called out to me.


This person was one of the soldiers I was training with yesterday.

He had cheered thunderously as soon as I had finished the 500 push-up punishment.


“My name is Ria.”


“I see.

My name is Jacob! Nice to meet you.

So, did you go into the tower, little guy”


He didn’t listen to me one bit.


“Yes, I entered.”


“You don’t have to be respectful to us.

…So, how was it”


Jacob asked me, curious as to what I thought of the tower.


Was this tower famous Did Victor send everyone to this place


I wonder if this could be the place to discover if someone could use magic or not.

If so, I should be glad I didn’t use magic.


…but what was that look in his eyes that felt like he was testing me


I had no idea what Victor was thinking.


“This is where everyone is made to go, you know.

You didn’t make it to the top, did you”


“Has anyone ever been up there”


“No one that I know of.”


“…and what if you could”


“I don’t know.

Nobody I know has been there.

Well, there are a lot of rumors.

They say you’ll get a promotion, or a reward from the king.

Well, it won’t happen unless someone who can use magic appears.


“Who can use magic”


Jacob looked quizzical at my question.


I could tell by his expression that he thinks I’m an idiot.


“No one in this country can use magic.”


I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment when he said that.


I was about to say that the Book said there were, but decided not to.


First of all, there is no way I should be getting educated by reading books now…


Besides, at least the three people deported here must be able to use some kind of magic.

And yet, if no one knew about it…I guess that would mean it was classified information.


As for the wolf being sent to the academy, that was totally transfer magic.


I love it when you uncover hidden things like this.

This could get interesting!


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