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Victor’s low voice echoed in the room.


“I guess he couldn’t make it to the top of the tower after all.”


“I see.

But there must be something more to that guy.

There’s no way he could have been a heretic for so long without being discovered.

Go down to the town and find out what you can about him.”


“Yes sir.”


Placing my ear to the door of Victor’s room, I listened in on the conversation inside.


I broke into Victor’s room on my way back from the tower to find out what was going on in this country and was about to look around for anything useful when I heard the conversation from inside the room.


…I was being investigated, wasn’t I


I mean, this door really has no meaning.

I wonder if I had weird ears or if this door is weird.


“I will continue to keep an eye on her.”


The other man, who was not Victor, said so in a heavy voice.


What could it be, that the tension inside the room could be felt even outside this door… Is it true that I’m that interesting


Or rather, am I being watched I wonder when it started.


Well, the prince would not be stupid enough to leave such a problematic child unattended.


But it was still a little strange to be on the receiving end of surveillance when you had previously been on the receiving end.

I think I would have been more comfortable if I didn’t know I was being watched.


I think Liz is going to say “Thank you, you’ve been watching over me” when she finds out she’s being watched.

How predictable, that girl.


“You can go now.”


At the same time as Victor said this, footsteps approached the door.


Oh no, I must escape from here….


I quickly jumped out of the nearby door.

I grabbed onto a tree branch and hid myself. 


At times like this, I am glad I was just a small child.


I watched the man coming out of the door.


He looked evil, wearing his all black equipment, with his hair pulled back and his familiar purple eyes.




Of course not.

He couldn’t be in a place like this.


He was much older than Father.

But he was not a stodgy old man with a crooked back.




I had never met my grandfather before.


I never asked if he was alive or dead.

Or rather, I never heard my father talk about my grandfather even once.

And I never asked my father any questions about my grandfather.


If Uncle Will was a genius and supported the current king, then the people around him should have been much older.


…And what an evil face he has, by the way.

How could he be exiled before me and working for Victor Grandpa… Was he already a villain in the history of this world


Although I was not sure if he really was my grandfather.


If so, my name would appear after his.

My name would be written in the history books as an added bonus… I would absolutely hate that.


“In the first place, I should probably check to see if he is really my grandfather.”


I swooped down to the ground by climbing across the branches.


I am not sure yet, but if he was one of the deported, I needed to find the other two as soon as possible.


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