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“I’m not sure how Duke intends to use me, but I’m no longer working for the king.

I have to talk to him and think about the future of the country.”


Gramps stated as much, his face solemn.


I wondered if His Majesty the King would listen to Gramps’ opinion if they talked.


What could that king do now that he made Gramps like this at the behest of his mother


“Rather than getting Abel…let’s get him to break the spell behind that wall of fog.”


“Can you convince the king”


“I know what he’s thinking.

I’ll see what I can do.”


Gramps quickly answered.


I felt certain that if Gramps said he’d take care of it, I’d be able to handle it.

I wouldn’t be afraid of anything if he was around.


If Duke, Gramps, and Alicia were on my side, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

I felt like I could win even if the whole world became my enemy.


“Gilles, tell Duke that we are leaving this village in a week.”



But why”


“I still have a few things left to do.”


“Well, I’ll be back in a week.”


When I said this, Gramps nodded quietly.

I then departed from the impoverished village.


Duke, Henry, and I gather in the school’s deserted courtyard.


“Duke, Gramps is leaving the village.”


“I see.”


Duke looked relieved and muttered a little happily.


I could tell that he had been concerned about Gramps for a long time.


“…Who’s Gramps”


Henry tilted his head in puzzlement.


He had always been on Alicia’s side, but he didn’t have nearly as much information as we did.


Earlier, when I told him that Duke was not actually suffering from amnesia, he was surprised enough to sit up and stare….


Everyone knew that Duke loved Alicia so much that no one would think that he would deport the woman he loved on his own.


It really made me realize that I am no match for him.


“Gramps is the Gramps of the impoverished village.”


“And my uncle.”




Henry widened his eyes at our words.

He didn’t seem to understand what we were saying.


“So, about the impoverished village.”


“Wait, wait a minute.

What Is my brain not working properly”


“He was the first prince, a legitimate son of the former king.

My father was the son of a concubine.”


“I don’t know anything about this.

What Eh The impoverished village Hmm”


Henry suddenly turned into an idiot.


“Because very few people know about it.”


“Wait, wait, wait, give me the specifics, in depth and in detail.

I have a normal brain, unlike you guys.

I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Duke has been acting like he has amnesia this whole time.”


Henry said as he held his head in one hand.


While explaining, Duke often omits many things.


Duke thought for a moment before explaining everything in detail, including how Gramps was sent to the impoverished village.


I could see Henry’s color changing as he listened to Duke’s story.

Although Duke spoke nonchalantly, the content was quite heavy.


“How could such a thing…”


After hearing the whole story, Henry said nothing in particular, just quietly thought about it.


“Now is not the time to get distracted by old stories.

Let’s think about what we’re going to do now.”


“Uh, yeah, sure.”


Henry replied, still a little confused.


“So, what exactly do I need to do”


“When will Uncle leave the impoverished village”


“In a week.”


“I see, we’ll have to do something about Liz by then.”


“You’re going to drag Liz away I like that!”


Suddenly, with a sweet smell, a woman with pink hair appeared in front of us.

Mel was smiling with delight.


…She really comes out of nowhere, you know


“Will you listen to my report~ It’s about what my Lord asked me to do.”


Finally, Mel lowered her voice a little and said with solemn eyes.


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