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“Information #2! Liz seems to be using some nasty magic without realizing it~! According to an old book, there is a Magic of Charm, which is a special magic possessed by saints.

Well, I don’t know the ancient language of Duelkis so I couldn’t read much of it~”


…Charm Magic


What kind of stupid magic was that What in the world was going on with the saints in this country


But if you think about it, Liz’s followers were crazy.

They were too devoted to her.

They were so deluded that they thought she was right and didn’t know how to doubt her.


“What is that magic…”


Henry raised an eyebrow.


“It’s kind of like this story with Liz as the main character.

It’s disgusting…”


Mel said the words in hushed whispers.


Mel was not a bad person, but her language was quite bad.

However, I did not dislike her.

I appreciated the fact that she got straight to the point.


“How can that magic possibly be useful”


Inadvertently, I revealed my true feelings.


“Well, it’s actually useful, isn’t it Because even if the saint in question is a scumbag, that magic power will still be necessary for the country.

I’ve never heard of a saint who is hated.”


“That’s absurd.

Is there any other magic unique to saints”


“I think there is, but I don’t know much of the old language.”


“Give me that book later.”


Mel stiffened at Duke’s words.


“Okay, but Lord, can you read ancient language”


“Yes, in a manner of speaking, I can.”


“Alicia can read it too.”


“What Aliali, can read it too As expected of our Aliali!”


Mel was gleefully picking up on my comments, while Henry looked surprised.


“I wonder if it’s okay for me to be here.

The people around me are so extraordinary.

Isn’t my sister also amazing”


He had such a serious expression on his face even after saying so….


I knew from the beginning that Alicia was awesome.

She always exceeded our expectations and did extraordinary things, but….


“I don’t know if it’s some kind of Temptation magic or what, but if it’s true, that’s gonna clear a lot of things up.

…But keeping Liz unaware is pretty tricky, though.”


“I don’t want to get involved with a saint who isn’t conscious of what she’s doing and is using this kind of scary magic.”


I immediately responded to Henry’s words.


I wonder what would happen to everyone if that magic were to be broken.

Would Alicia be alright Would her brothers apologize to her


Many questions came to my mind.


“Also, the king is going to gather everyone together soon.”


“Who’s everyone”


“The boys of the five noble families, Curtis, and the saint.”


I felt that Mel’s tone when she mentioned “the Saint” was very offensive.


…Mel must despise Cather Liz, and I believe she despises her more than I do.


“What are you talking about”


Henry asked Mel, but she tilted her head and gave him a look of uncertainty.


I glance at Duke.


I couldn’t always tell what he was thinking, but he seemed to know exactly what the king was going to talk about, and he didn’t seem particularly surprised by Mel’s words.


“It looks like you’re all going to be busy since a lot of things are going on.”


When I mentioned this, everyone looked amused.


Everyone was happy to finally be able to start the war they had been waiting for.

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that this war has only just begun.


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