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We, the expedition members, were riding our horses along a wide, empty road under a clear, cloudless sky.


…I couldn’t believe I was getting up so early in the morning.

I’m amazed that Victor, the prince, and the elders were able to get up so early, let alone the soldiers.

I wondered if it was rude of me to call them elders.


“You’ll learn a lot on this expedition, kid.”


Suddenly, Victor turned to me.




“You will know.”


Oi, I said in my mind as we rushed to the scene.

I was never told what the expedition was about in the first place.

All I know is that it’s dangerous.


What a vague expedition.


“The little guy really likes the prince, doesn’t he”


I smirked at Captain Marius’ words.


“Well, he seemed very reluctant to have anything to do with me at first.”


“Well, that’s because you’re…”


I was about to say a few words when he interrupted.


“If he said that much, please tell me.”


“You usually wouldn’t want to.

You don’t want to take care of a heretic from who knows where.”


“I’m not a heretic.”


I muttered in a small voice in response to Captain Marius’ loud voice.

He did not seem to hear my words.


The real heretic was Liz.

I would say that I was in the upper middle of the pack in terms of ability.


I turned my gaze towards the grandfathers.


I wondered what they were talking about.

Those three men.

It had to be a deep and meaningful conversation.


I listened to their conversation with excitement.


“Albert is in a bad mood right now, you shouldn’t talk to him.”


“Old people must be in high spirits early in the morning.”


Cate laughed lightly at Mark’s words.


As I found out yesterday, Cate was the frankest of them all.

Although I was afraid that he might have a dark side too.


And my grandfather appeared to be the most difficult… even though my father was so calm and gentle.

I guess even parents and children don’t resemble each other sometimes.


I’m not sure about Mark’s personality, but he didn’t seem to have Eric’s temperament.


I was rocking my horse while observing them idly, and before I knew it, we were in a slightly dimly lit forest.


Unlike the trees around our house, their trunks were slender and unreliable.

The long drooping leaves were impressive.


In terms of spookiness, this forest wins.


“Aren’t you scared”


Victor looked at me with his mouth turned up in a nasty smile.


“Not at all, I’m rather used to it.”


When I replied in a matter-of-fact tone, he looked forward with an uninterested expression on his face.


Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been going back and forth through that dark and creepy forest all the time in the middle of the night.

How could I be afraid of something like this


With this thought in mind, I looked around.

A dead frog lay at the base of a tree, a sharp-eyed snake sat on a branch, and an insect lay on the ground.


Indeed, if I were an ordinary young lady, I’d probably be out cold by now, wouldn’t I


… There were more insects in the forests of the Ravaal Kingdom than in the Duelkis Kingdom.

I wondered if even the insects flock to the bigger countries after all.


“I wonder what the heck is up ahead”


Ceres, one of the soldiers trailing behind, muttered to himself.

There was a little uneasiness in his voice.


I wondered if it was possible that only a few people had ever visited this forest.


“Is this forest dangerous”


I whispered softly as I approached Ceres.

I didn’t want Victor to realize that I didn’t know anything about this country.


“That’s because using Shichirin is strictly restricted.”


“… Shichirin, … Eh, …Shichirin (Charcoal Stove)!”


I’ve never heard of a Shichirin being restricted or anything like that.

I mean, only Bugs can enter that place, right


Do they even have them in this world


“Why do you look so surprised Is this the first time you’ve heard of the Forest of Death”


Ceres looked at me suspiciously.


Ah, so it was not what I was thinking about.

I mean, we are in a forest, after all.


“No, it was nothing.

I just didn’t know that this place was called Shichirin.”


I am starting to doubt the naming sense of the management team who created this game.


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