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“Do you intend to become the new king of the Duelkis nation, Brother”


The king asked sincerely.


The words surprised not only Gramps, but Duke as well.


My head couldn’t keep up with what was happening.

Please speak slowly so it is understandable to the average person.


“…You have the qualities of a king.

I have been with you since you were a child, and I know that you know the best.”


He said it so earnestly.

The way he talked showed how excellent Gramps was as a child.


“I don’t think my late father would have allowed it.”


The King closed his mouth at Gramps’ words.

He appeared a little confused.


The only thing they shared in common was their father.

I wonder what it felt like to be half-brothers….


After a pause, the king continued.


“I have a letter from Father that he entrusted to me… He did not know, until the end of his life, that you were brought to the impoverished village.

He thought that you had been murdered and blamed himself for it.”


“Well, maybe it’s a good thing he died without knowing the truth.

After all, I was the one who plotted to kill the king.”


“…No, that’s not true.

Father knew better than anyone that brother would never be a man who would do such a thing.”


I could see that Gramps was a little upset by those words.


“When I lost my magic, the attitude of the people around me changed drastically.

Even Father was disappointed in me, and he no longer looked at me.”


“He didn’t know how to treat you, brother.

I think he blamed himself, believing that if he had taken better care of you, you might not have lost your magic.

Because of his guilt, he interacted with you less often, which led to misunderstandings.

The incident also had a significant impact on Father.”


“How could you possibly know that”


“I’m not as intelligent as most people, but I’m good at observing.”


He then smiled slightly for the first time, as if the stress had been released.


“Besides, after we heard that brother had passed away, father started to weaken dramatically, and he died just like that.”


All of us were surprised to hear this fact for the first time.


We had heard that the former king was a sloppy and inept king when it came to his relationships with women.

And in fact, he had a mistress, which was prohibited in this country.


After all, it is better not to rely on rumors.

The rumors I heard may be dozens of times more exaggerated than the truth, or entirely different.


There was even a rumor that Duke was being manipulated by a vicious woman named Alicia.


” Even though you lost all your magical powers, father expected more from you than anyone else.

He trusted you, brother, to the point of envy.”


The king left the scene briefly and took a letter from a small wooden box by his chair.

It was a letter with a slightly brownish tint.


He slowly handed it to Gramps, who seemed a little nervous.


They were the last words of the late king.

Even I, who had nothing to do with it, felt so nervous that my heart beat loudly.


Gramps received the letter and slowly opened it.


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