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While Kii was moving upward, we were also struggling desperately to follow her.


I bet both Victor and I looked quite agonized right now.

But a villainess, should always appear to be ready to take on the world….


[It’s here].


We jumped out of the water at her call and inhaled as much fresh air as we could find.


“Haah, Haaah, Haah!”


Tired, we headed up to the rocky shore.


I barely had an ounce of strength left.

I wondered if we could make it back to the surface from here.


“So, this is the spot where we first arrived.”


Victor looked around as he regulated his breathing.


How could he be so physically fit Are you a superhuman He could at least look a little more exhausted and uncool.


I had hoped he would not make such a swift assessment of the current situation.

I’m starting to feel like a failure.


[What kind of cardiopulmonary functions do you both have Amazing…]


Kii looked at us with wide eyes.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be praised for my cardiopulmonary abilities by a fairy with such a surprised expression on her face….


We went up to the rocky beach and I covered my eyes with the soaking wet cloth.


It was really uncomfortable, but it couldn’t be helped.

I must endure it for now.


“How can you even think about wrapping that up again”


“I’m not doing it because I want to.”


“You don’t want Albert to find out, do you”


“Don’t say anything to him.”


“I don’t want to go through all that trouble.”


I didn’t expect Victor to find this kind of thing funny.


Is he doing this for my sake No, he wasn’t that kind of man.


“Well, if you want to know anything about Albert, you can always go to that tower.”


‘The tower”


“The tower that you are unable to ascend.

That place is sealed with magic, you know That’s Albert’s private quarters.

Even though I can’t get up there, I am sure you probably can, right kid”


I had a feeling Victor already knew everything.


“I’m not going.

I’m not going to walk right into a bomb.”


“…no, you’re going.”


I got foretold.

This made me want to avoid going at all costs, but there was a part of me that knew I would definitely go someday.


I wouldn’t want things to go the way Victor predicted, but I also wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know my grandfather…..


Only time will tell!


[Someone is coming.]


While I was thinking this, I heard someone’s voice from the path we had just come from.


…I think it was the voices of Captain Marius and Ceres.

I envied them for being able to return the same way they came.




It was small, but I could definitely hear it.


…I think it was a scream.


[He must have gone that way.]


“What’s that”


[You better get out of here.]




Victor looked at me to confirm what Kii had said.


“She said we should run away as soon as possible.”




“I’m not sure, but if Captain Marius and Ceres are screaming, it must be bad.”


“If it’s bad, say it in a more urgent tone! I mean, I didn’t even hear those guys.”


“Aaaaaaah! Don’t come here!”


How well-timed.

This time, Victor’s ears should be able to hear them clearly.


“What the hell is going on in this lake”


“It’s magical, so anything can happen…”


“Why are you so calm There isn’t a single person here who is in their right mind.”


You’re being rude.

I’m decent enough.


“Prince! Run away, quickly!”


Ceres ran out, a terrible expression on her face.

Captain Marius came out after her.


Captain Marius, how can you run at such a high speed with such a big body Captain Marius was outstanding, after all.


“What the heck is that”


I also turned to see what Victor was looking at.


…What the heck is that A large number of skulls were rolling toward us.


Why is it suddenly starting to look like a horror-comedy movie How did they manage to fit that many skulls here


I look at Kii.

She puts one hand on the back of her head and sticks out her tongue.


“Let’s get out of here.”


Victor grabbed my arm and dived straight into the lake of poison.


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