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Gilles – Age: 11


Little by little, the mystery was being solved.


On that day, when we had an audience with the king, Gramps negotiated with the king.

He convinced him to release the villagers of the impoverished village.


We told him that he should release the villagers from that village first to prevent them from revolting, but he was reluctant to do so.


There was a good chance that the king’s life would be in danger if we suddenly released these unknown people.

In fact, I, myself, did not trust all the villagers.


Some of them might be plotting to assassinate the king.


However, the king agreed to Gramps’ request when he said he would take full responsibility for the situation.


Gramps’ words were so heavy and commanding that no one could respond.

It was unlike anything I’d ever seen him do before.


I glanced to the side.

There were two people standing there with an extraordinary aura.

I was almost overwhelmed by their presence.


Why would such a noble person be standing at the entrance of this impoverished village in the middle of a dank forest


It was the king’s son who was standing there.

Of course, I didn’t expect the king to go all the way to the impoverished village, but….


“Didn’t we mention that the king’s power was needed to break the magic of the Wall of Mist”


“Am I not good enough”


Duke stared at me, not looking particularly offended.


“No, but I was wondering if this wasn’t something the king should do because it could have a significant impact on the country.”


“Not really.

It was because I have more magic power than my father.”


Eh, is that so I was about to say something but stopped myself.


On second thought, yes, Duke was indeed a prince, but he was no ordinary prince.

He was a superhuman.

He’d definitely fit in with the odd group, which included Alicia.


He quickly reached for the fog.

Just then, Gramps spoke up.


“Wait, we shouldn’t release them yet.

First we should go inside.”


Duke nodded quietly at Gramps’ words.


“Wait a minute, I didn’t bring my Abel.”


“I have my own.”


Gramps then drew a bottle of pink liquid from his pocket and handed it to us after taking a sip.

Following Gramps’ example, we take a sip.


“Let’s go.”


Gramps led the way through the fog, while Duke and I followed him.


Something was going to change today.

It would be a big event that could shake this country.

I get to be a part of that moment.


My heart beats faster, filled with a little fear and a lot of excitement.

My body naturally tenses up.


“You’re back, I see.”


Nate was the first to greet us.

He looked at us with a grin on his face.

Then he slowly shifts his gaze to Duke.


Nate’s eyes were sharp, as if he was looking at an enemy, but Duke was not the least bit intimidated by the look in Nate’s eyes.


I wondered what kind of impression he had of the impoverished village he had never been to before.

I knew it was a terrible place, but I hoped it would look a little better.


At least it had improved a lot since Alicia’s first visit to this village.

At that time, the air was much dirtier, and everyone’s eyes were dead.


“I’m Duke Seeker, first prince of the Duelkis Kingdom.”


He looked straight at Nate.

Nate’s face tightened a little at the presence of a foreign man.


He must be thinking that another troublesome person has arrived.

And when he heard that he’s the first prince, he backed away from the stone.


“Where’s all that swagger you had earlier”


Rebecca whispered in Nate’s ear.


She didn’t seem intimidated by the prince, probably because she was used to dealing with nobles like Alicia.


Besides, Duke didn’t come here to wield his power in the first place.


“Shut up.”


Nate clicked his tongue while Duke watched the situation silently without saying a word.


It kind of felt like I was introducing my family to my friends…


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