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“Your Highness, my name is Rebecca.”


Ignoring Nate, she bowed deeply.

Following her, the people around her lowered their heads as well.

The people in this village didn’t know any manners, so they had no choice but to imitate Rebecca for the time being.


Only Nate did not bow, but Rebecca lightly stepped on the back of his legs, forcing him to bow.


Seeing him like this reminded me that he is the country’s first prince.


I usually talk to him without paying attention, but maybe that was very rude.


“I have something I have to tell you all.”


In response to Duke’s low voice, everyone began to look up.

His serious expression created a tense atmosphere.


I wondered what Duke, who was visiting this village for the first time, wanted to tell everyone…..


“No matter how bad the situation is or how run-down the village is, there are people who say that this is their home.

Even if they never want to return to a village like this again, this village will never return to the way it was before.

Even if it was a rough place, it is where we all grew up.

The memories we had here were not all bad.”


“There’s no need to make any excuses.”


Duke, who never took his gaze off Rebecca, interrupted her.


I was curious about his behaviour as well, because Duke had never talked so much before.

He must be thinking about the villagers’ feelings in his own way.


After a moment, Duke spoke again.


“…This village will be developed and turned into a military base.”


Military Base.

…A military base!


The topic changed so suddenly that my head couldn’t keep up.

How many plans had Duke been working on without my knowledge


While everyone looked surprised, Gramps was still unfazed.

I had never seen him in a panic.


Gramps seemed to understand what Duke was thinking.


“You mean there will be no more records”


“That’s what I mean.

When one considers the world at large, this country’s lack of military capability is magnified.

Without proper facilities, we can’t even strengthen our troops.”


I wondered what kind of country this prince wanted to make of Duelkis Kingdom.

I had thought to some extent that I knew what Duke had in mind, but I might have been mistaken.


He was a few steps ahead of me.


People called those who go one step ahead an honor student, and those who go two steps ahead a genius.

…Those who took a few steps ahead were considered freaks.

This was how the world was.


“What the heck do you want”


Rebecca stomped on Nate’s foot as hard as she could, and Nate frowned as he asked again.


“What is it you want, my prince”


“I want to keep Alicia to myself.”




If he wanted to keep Alicia to himself, there would be a discrepancy.

The deportation was beyond Duke’s control.


“Am I the only one who doesn’t quite get it”


Nate looked at Rebecca.

She turns her head sideways.

It would appear that no one understands what he meant.


Duke continued his story.


“All I have to do to free Alicia is expand my jurisdiction, which I know Alicia will not like.”


We all guessed from his words.

It was because of Alicia that this prince was a prince.


The whole reason Duke was here was for Alicia.

His immense magical power, his extraordinary forensic eye, and his intelligence were all for Alicia’s protection.

But he never lets her realize it.


Alicia, you were being doted upon by an extraordinary Prince.


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