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“I can’t believe that it’s already gone, I didn’t know…”


“Well, you can’t know what’s going on if you’re just skimming the news.”


I was starting to feel sorry for her.


Liz Cather told me that she was studying without sleep.


That was why her grades were always at the top of the class.

Her name was always placed under the Duke’s name on the academic exam posters.


I knew she was putting in significant effort, but I just couldn’t help but think that Alicia’s name would have been at the top of the list, so I couldn’t help but compare her with Alicia.


“Hey, Gilles, will you teach me how to study”


A soft, sweet smell wafts through the air.

I was so disgusted with Liz Cather, but now I find myself getting attracted to her.


I wondered if she had no pride in asking someone younger than her to teach her how to study.

Is she willing to give up on her pride to learn about the world


“And what do I get in return”


“I do not have the power to heal your broken heart, Gilles.

But I would like to get to know you better.”


We were completely at odds with each other.

I knew there was no point in talking any further, but I couldn’t move my legs.

I found myself feeling comfortable at her side.


And my heart wasn’t broken.I’m no longer bothered about the terrible things that happened to me in the impoverished village when I was younger.

That was how much love Alicia had poured into me.


I would like to shout out, “Don’t decide on your own,” but for some reason I couldn’t say anything when I imagined the pained expression on Liz Cather’s face.


What in the world was this It was my body, but I was unable to control it.




Hearing that clear, low voice, I felt as if my body was suddenly lightened.


Duke’s voice.


“What are you doing here”


He stared quizzically at Liz Cather.

Her face twitches a little.



I was just having a conversation with Gilles.”


“So you’re done talking”



Yes, I was thinking that I would like to learn from Gilles.”


She raised the corners of her mouth slightly and smiled softly.


Why would she be so happy to learn from me It was a little creepy.


“I never said anything about teaching you.”




“But you just asked me what I could do for you in return, not what you could teach me…”


Liz Cather, the watchdog.

Suddenly, the word popped into my head.


I see, I might need to fulfill Alicia’s role.

I would have to be the one to carry on what she had started.




Liz Cather looked at me suspiciously as I suddenly stopped talking.



I’ll teach you.

But you have to be serious about following me.”




Her face lit up, and Duke just looked at Liz Cather coldly, not surprised.


“Thank you! I’ve got a special class now!”


She left with a wave of her hand.


…It was tough being someone who could use all attributes.


“You shouldn’t see her when she’s alone.”


Duke muttered quietly after Liz Cather was out of sight.


“Why not”


“Gilles doesn’t have any magic powers at all.”


With that one word, he had it all figured out.


I wondered if the strange sensation I had just experienced had been caused by her charm magic.

I didn’t have any magic power.

So, I couldn’t resist her magic, not even a little.


“Well, I guess you were able to resist quite well for someone with zero magic power.”


“That’s a compliment, right I feel like I’m being made fun of.”


Duke grinned at my words.


Oh, I already knew that Duke had this personality.

He was never a taciturn, cool prince.


“You’ve been under the protection of Alicia’s magic for a long time.

Well, she was probably doing it unconsciously.”


Duke said quietly, staring off into the distance.


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