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I was always protected by Alicia.


I thought about her as I lay on my back in bed.


I had no idea where Alicia was in the Ravaal Kingdom, but I knew she was alive.


“…I should do something too.”


I muttered quietly, looking at the ceiling.


Gramps and the entire impoverished village were finally released, and I’ve also made contact with Liz Cather.

I’ll have to be more careful from now on.


If she was unconsciously using charm magic, I was confident she would notice if she spoke to anyone.

I doubt she’s ever had anything go wrong in her life.


No wonder they thought that military force was unnecessary.


I was thinking this when I heard a knock at my door.

I sat up and turned toward the door.


Who could it be, visiting this late at night


“Come in.”


The door opened just as I answered it.


Someone I had not expected at all stepped into my room.


I thought it would be Henry or Arnold, but….

I didn’t expect the eldest son to visit.


It was Albert, who looked a lot like Henry and Alan, but was a little taller and more mature than them.


Why on earth would someone who had been on Liz Cather’s side just a few days ago want to see me Besides, I had never talked to him one-on-one before.


Come to think of it, wasn’t it Albert who taught Alicia swordsmanship


He looked at me apologetically.




“…I’m sorry.”


He said so and bowed his head a little.

His unexpected behavior left me speechless.


What’s going on Why did Albert suddenly apologize to me


Did someone threaten him


I was supposed to dislike Albert, but I couldn’t bring myself to swear at him.


“Um, I don’t understand why you are apologizing to me.”


“What Alicia said before was indeed harsh, but it was reasonable.”


Looking back, Albert’s behavior had been gradually changing since Alicia’s banishment from the country.


Since Alicia had disappeared, something had changed in the way he looked at Liz Cather.


Even though they often quarreled, she was still his own sister.

He had wanted to believe that she was not completely evil yet.


She was a great noblewoman who held strong magical power.

Even if the saint’s magic was immense, Alicia could resist it.


“It’s not me you should apologize to, it’s Alicia.”



But I’m sure I made you feel bad too.”


“That makes the two of us.

I also think that I have been bad to the aristocrats, without considering my status.

And I’m aware that I was an eyesore, just a guy from the impoverished village who was brought in from nowhere.”


“Hmm I don’t mind that at all, though.”


Albert nodded his head lightly as he said so.


…I could certainly see his resemblance to Alicia.

They were certainly siblings.


A great aristocrat would normally have hated my existence.


“I used to love Liz so much that I thought everything else was wrong except for her.

I used to disagree with everything you or Alicia said.

I am so sorry.

I still don’t understand why I was so uptight.”


I do understand.

It was the first time I had experienced something like this.

I didn’t know what it was like until I experienced it myself.


Well, it couldn’t be helped.

We were dealing with a saint with special powers, after all.


“I’m with you in believing in something and having a biased opinion due to that because Alicia is everything to me, just as Liz Cather was everything to Albert.”


I lost a bit of my facade when I remembered her.


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