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“Gilles adores Alicia very much, huh”


Albert’s voice was the kindest I had ever heard.


“And you often make wise remarks that are far from what people might expect from someone like you..

…You’re a lot like Alicia.”


To me, that was the best compliment someone could give me.


Similar to Alicia.

It was such an honor to hear that from her own brother.


“…I know I’ll never be forgiven by her, even if I make amends for the rest of my life.”


What a sad look on his face.


Besides, Alicia did not hate Albert one bit.

She liked her brother, even if he was on Liz Cather’s side.


“…Does Albert like Alicia”


He took a breath at my question and then answered with a soft look on his face.


“She’ll always be my dear sister.”


“If that’s how you feel, it’s okay.”


A lot had happened, but I couldn’t blame him.


…I guess I was softening up on him as well.

Am I growing up


“Oh, right.”


I just remembered.


“What’s the matter”


“I’m certainly growing up.

I’ll be twelve the day after tomorrow.”


“What That’s something we should celebrate.

What do you want What’s your favorite food”


I thought Albert and I were getting closer, but wasn’t he pushing things too fast Well, it was all right.


“Or rather, you’re only twelve years old.

You’re still a child.”



I’m not a child.

I am already an independent adult.

I’m more grounded than some other noble children.


“You can let yourself be spoiled, you know.”


Just as I was about to say something back, he looked me straight in the eye and said that.


I thought he was saying it out of sympathy, but his deep purple eyes seemed to really care about me.


I guess he was a big brother at heart.


“Then, I want a new book of medicinal herbs.”




“…and a magnifying glass.”


“You sure don’t act like a 12 years old, but I have your wish list.”


“I’d like to have alcohol, too.”


“You’ll have to get a little older for that.”


I never thought I would ask Albert for so many things.


Someone like him, I suppose, was an adult capable of pampering someone.

I never had such a person in my life.


Not Duke, not Alicia, not Gramps, but someone who was able to make me feel like a child.


“Gilles, children are allowed to be children.

They’re supposed to be spoiled by adults.”


Albert radiated warmth to me.

How comforting.


“I want the apple pie that is served every once in a while.”


“Oh, yes.

I’ll have them make you a lot of apple pies.”


“I’m not strong, and I’m not very knowledgeable about swordsmanship, but I want a small sword.”


“I’ll have it made by a top-notch craftsman.”


I let out all my thoughts and feelings I had been holding onto until now.

I never expected to show him this side of myself.


“Also, I miss Alicia.”


I could hear my own voice tremble a little.


I had never said much about the matter, and I knew I shouldn’t have.


But ever since she left the country, there was never a time when I didn’t think about it.

Alicia, who had always been by my side, suddenly disappeared.

She wasn’t holed up in her hut like before.

She was out of my reach.


I could not say that I missed her because it would only annoy the people around me.

So, I tried my best to suppress my feelings….


Why did my feelings overflow more and more in front of Albert


“Me too.

I also want to meet Alicia.”


He murmured quietly and patted my head gently.


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