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Williams Family’s Eldest Daughter, Alicia (Age: 16)


Ah~! Jeez! I couldn’t believe it!


I was currently running as fast as I could.

There was no elegance, no leeway.

I kept moving my legs the entire time.


“You! You demon!”


I yelled out loudly to Victor.


How could I have possibly called someone a demon


Except for me, everyone was riding their horses calmly.

And why do they have to move their horses at full speed


Maybe they forgot that I was not feeling well up until yesterday Was he really a prince with such a short memory


“It’s surprising that you can run this fast and not lose your breath.”


Shut up now, Captain Marius.


“I rescued you yesterday.

It’s normal that you have this much strength left in you.”


Victor grinned at me while, at the same time, Grandfather was glaring at him with sharp eyes.


Oh, why was Grandfather glaring at Victor Did something happen last night while I was sleeping


Victor had a face that said, “Don’t look at me like that”.


“Are you really a woman” 




“I wouldn’t be so sure that she’s the same kind as me.”


Ceres interjected impatiently, in a choked tone.


Did she bite her tongue


It was not uncommon for people to bite their tongue when they were talking while riding a horse.


“We’re the same kind.”


I replied as I ran alongside her.

It was Victor who was more doubtful about whether I was human or not.

Is he thinking that I am some sort of monster or something


“Stop wasting time and hurry up, let’s get going.”


Victor said, increasing his speed even more.


If he entered the World Athletics Championships, he would definitely set a world record.

Thank goodness I was light.

Besides, I used to run from the mansion to the impoverished village every day.

My endurance level was second to none.


“Little guy, aren’t you a little too fast”


Captain Marius stared at me with wide eyes.


…I was probably better suited to being an assassin than a young lady.

My current role was more similar to that of a spy.


Spy as a day job and young lady as a side job Hmm I wasn’t sure which one was which.

…Overall, I suppose you could call me a villainess.


“Your Highness, I think it’s time.”


Grandfather called out to Victor.


Oh, that was so thoughtful of him.

The others were happily watching me to see where I would end up….


Victor ignored Grandfather’s words and looked at me.


“Are you tired”


What the heck! That face! Are you trying to stir things up


I didn’t know he was capable of this.


“Not at all.”


I replied, glaring lightly at Victor.

He raised the corner of his mouth in satisfaction at my answer.


His provocation got to me.


Oh, why do I always react this way However, a villainess must never appear tired.

There was no reason to rush.

There should always be enough time.


Wait, now I was just a child soldier, so it was okay for me to be tired….


Well, now that I said I was not tired, I need to make sure I get the most out of this.


The sound of horses’ hooves echoed on the rough, unpaved road as we continued to move.


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