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As we entered the city, it was livelier than I had imagined.


People were cheerful and energetic.

There was some bickering, but it was nothing dangerous.


I was expecting more fights to break out….

It was important to see, hear, and experience things with your own senses, right


We stood out the most in a town full of so many people.


Of course, to prevent the prince from being identified, he was cloaked so that no one could see his face.

The old men were also hiding their faces.

I was walking beside them, hiding behind their horses.


Victor wouldn’t let me on his horse.

Maybe he was a little annoyed that I had fought back earlier.




“Captain Marius~!”


“It’s Master Neil! He turned this way!”


“Who were those other people I couldn’t see their faces because of their cloaks.

Maybe it’s the prince!”


“Of course not! How could a prince be out here”


…This squad that was under the direct control of Victor was inevitably conspicuous.


I didn’t know they were so famous and popular among the people.

From the outside, they looked like cool knights.

Of course, they must have been popular.


“Ceres-sama! If you don’t mind…”


A pretty woman with reddish cheeks handed over a box of cookies with a savory smell.


Ceres accepted the box with a practiced hand and smiled softly and said, “Thank you”.




Wait a minute, Ceres was a mob character, right Why was Ceres so popular, too


“Hey, you’re being extremely rude right now.

I mean, it’s all over your face.”


“Ceres getting sweets from a girl…”


“You think I’m bad I’m a pretty good knight you know.”


Ceres said, a look of disapproval on her face.


Certainly, you have to be a good soldier to be selected as a member of the prince’s expedition.

…So, that means Jurd had to be quite skilled too.


“Who is this girl”


The woman who handed Ceres the sweets looked at me.


Oh, no.

I wanted to hide behind the prince.

I would be in trouble if I attracted any more attention.


I turned back to the prince.






“The prince and the three of them went on ahead.

It’s better not to be in a crowded place.”


To my surprise, Neil quietly told me in a quiet voice.


If they were going, I wanted to go with them….

because now all eyes were on me.


“She’s Ria.

She is the newest recruit to our unit.”


Ceres politely introduces me to the woman.


“Are you the kid who fought the lion in that arena”


I was found out.


“Oh! You’re the kid from back then!”


“I knew I’d seen that kid before somewhere!”


“I already knew it was that kid from back then because he had his eyes covered with a cloth.”


People begin to react to the woman’s words.

They looked at me with excitement, as if they had just met a rare animal.


When did I become so popular I’ve never had so many people staring at me before, so it’s a strange feeling.


So, this is what it must be like to be a saint.


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