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Victor was drinking gracefully in front of me.

The old men were ordering hot coffee.


I managed to escape from the crowd.

Vice captain Neil gave me a helping hand, and I was able to get out of that place.


It was exhausting to have so many people asking me so many questions at once.

I am sure even the Prince himself wouldn’t have been able to handle that.


“You’re too late.”


Victor said, without making eye contact with me.


Captain Marius and the others bowed their heads and said, “I’m sorry,” while I took a good look at the place where we were.


Captain Marius had told me earlier that this was the prince’s favorite place…but it didn’t look like it.


When I entered the store, Captain Marius and his team gave them a face pass to go upstairs, but the entire place was decorated as if it were a popular place for the public.


The light bulbs were not bright, it was made of slightly old-fashioned wood, and there were not many people.

And the owner was a strong, taciturn man… It was kind of like a hideout.


“What are you thinking about”


Victor looked at me, probing.


“I’m just thinking that this place is kind of mysterious.”


“Not suitable for me”


Was Victor an Esper


“It’s quiet here, and no one disturbs me.”


Victor continued.


I somehow understood.

I felt more at home in this place than in that sternly decorated castle.


“Do you want a drink”


“No, thank you.”


My response created a tense atmosphere in the room.

Only the old men were drinking their coffee with a relaxed expression on their faces.


Vice Captain Neil, assuming that I had offended Victor, warned me sternly.


“It would be rude to say no.”


“I can’t afford to be distracted.

I need to keep my head clear at all times.”


“This place is safe.

Besides, you could use a little breather.”


“Have you forgotten I was a slave until recently.

I have to protect myself.

I’m always in danger when I’m out and about.”


Vice Captain Neil closed his mouth as I replied with a big smile.


“Won’t the prince get drunk”


“I couldn’t get drunk even if I wanted to.”


Victor quickly responded to my question.


To be honest, he probably would have enough sanity to fight even if he drank, but it would be better not to drink in public until I knew how alcohol in this country would affect me.

Especially in front of Victor.


It would be a big problem if I accidentally said something.


“No pressure.

Order whatever you like.”


The prince said and handed me a small menu.


Two choices: coffee and alcohol.

I was going to order tea, but….


What a store with such a limited variety of drinks.

How could they possibly run this place with only this


Captain Marius and Ceres ordered liquor, while Vice Captain Neil and I ordered coffee.


“To continue on from where we left off, what exactly are you going to do with the members of the squad you’re going to create Where are you going to select your people from”


Victor gulped down a glass full of alcohol and set it down a little roughly on the desk.


“Don’t worry, I’ll find those members myself.”


“You’ll find them one by one”



Yes, I’ll look for them myself.”


“Why do you want to go through all that trouble Well, I was going to tell you to take it from my squad if you wanted to.

But, who would want to join a kid’s squad Are you trying to make a squad of brats”


I wonder why this prince was so good at making things worse… However, in the world of the Otome Game, this type of person would be a main capture target.


“It’s the other way around.”




Victor frowned at my words.


“I want them to think that joining my squad is the hardest thing in the world.

From now on, though, you will learn that it would be the greatest honor for someone to be in my corps.”


I said out loud, keeping a smile on my face.


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