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I was shown to Victor’s room after all.

What a magnificent and massive door.

I wonder how long it must have taken them to make it.


Ugh, I didn’t want to go in there.

It was as if I were already supposed to stay here.

Well, I will probably live here from now on.


“Um, Prince.”




Victor gave me a blatantly disgusted look.


“Please give me just one day off.

I’ll die of exhaustion!”


“You’re not going to die.”


“That… is undeniable.”


But I couldn’t stay in this palace forever.

I should go back to the arena and find out what’s going on.

Besides, I would also like to know what’s going on in the city….


“Why do you want a vacation so badly”


“Because I want to rest.”


“From the looks of it, you’re almost back to full strength, aren’t you”


“A revival and a vacation are not the same thing.

Please don’t put them together.

Why can’t you give me one day of freedom!”


“You’re the last person I should be giving freedom to.”




It wasn’t that I didn’t understand what the prince was trying to say, but it was still quite harsh.


“What do you want”


He looked somewhat resigned.


“Well, I just wanted to go to the arena for a bit.”




“Oh, aren’t you a little too quick You could give it a little more thought.”



I’m not having this conversation.”


How arrogant.

With this kind of personality, how could he be so popular I hope the people won’t be fooled by his face.


“Please tell me why.”


I said as I tried to calm my anger as much as I could.


“There’s an epidemic going around that arena right now.”


Victor said in a slightly low voice.


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