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“Wait, where are you going”



I’ve got some vacation time, so I thought I’d make the most of it.”


I turned to Victor, who was holding me back.


Could it be that the negotiation was unsuccessful The deal had been made in my mind.


“I’ll take you up on your offer.

I’ll accept your terms, but leave the Maddie collection to the others.”


Victor looked at me with serious eyes.


Why would he not want me to go to the cliff where the Maddie Flowers were


“You know, I have confidence in my own abilities.”




Why did you have to be so grumpy, Victor was really a moody guy.


“Just because I can do a little magic doesn’t mean I’m conceited.

I’ve trained hard enough to be confident.”


“…I can see that much in you, even if I don’t like it.

I just…it’s dangerous out there anyway.

You get one Maddie in exchange for many lives.

People die trying to get a Maddie just as easily as they die from the spotted disease.”


“What’s on the cliffs”


“Huge ravenous beasts, poisonous flowers and insects, unstable footholds, so you will die if you let your guard down for even a second.”


He lowered his voice.


The name “Death Forest” had suddenly become irrelevant.

I’ll be able to make it out of the forest alive, right


“I’ll be fine.

I’m determined.”


“…I can’t say anything back if you look at me with such unwavering determination.”


He muttered as if in resignation.


I did it! Now that should prevent that pesky epidemic!


Well, I didn’t get Maddie yet, so it was too early to rejoice.

But I would make sure to get it and return alive.


“I’ll be coming with you when you go to get Maddie.”


What What did you just say


Was it Victor who said those words and not some soldier with a voice just like Victor’s


“I must be hearing things.”


I tapped my ear.


I used to think I had good hearing, but now I wonder if it was just a hallucination.


“I’m coming with you.”


Victor said confidently while pointing at me.




“What’s with that reaction You should be pleased.

Because I’m going with you.”


I doubt this prince understands what he’s saying.

I do hope he wasn’t talking about accompanying me like a parent or guardian taking their child to kindergarten.


“Well, it’s a dangerous place, isn’t it”


“Ah, of course.”


“You are the second prince of the country of Ravaal, correct”



What are you trying to say”


He frowned at my question.


I was the one who wanted to frown.

Why would a prince of a country follow me on a life-threatening journey to collect Maddie


“What’s in it for me”


Victor would only work for his own benefit.


“Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use me”


I was right, wasn’t I There was nothing wrong with what I said.


So, why was I being stared at like this


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