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“Then, to start off with, you need to build up some muscle first, Ali.”

I had high expectations when Albert had agreed to teach me but it looks like I wont be learning how to use a sword right away.

But hes right.

Building a strong foundation first is a good idea.

“So for now, just start with doing 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups every day,” Albert says, smiling broadly at me.

That kind-older-brother smile of his is starting to look a bit sinister to me now though.


100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups per day actually seems pretty doable.

During my previous life I did a bit of gymnastics.

Back then, back handsprings and back flips were nothing to me.

Right now, I have no muscle to speak of, so Im not sure whether I could still pull them off at the moment or not, but the point is that during the time period when I was practicing gymnastics, I was expected to do at least 300 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, plus 100 squats every single day.

So Alberts regimen seems like nothing to me.

“Wow, Als merciless!”

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“Thats asking too much, theres no way Ali can do that,” I overhear Alan and Henry saying quietly to each other.

……Asking too much

I guess it probably would have been impossible for the previous Alicia, but for the current me that will be a piece of cake.

I guess I should cut them some slack though since my brothers havent realized that Ive regained my memories from my past life.

I kind of get the feeling that they are making fun of me, too….

But Im going to become a villainess.

Theres no way I would concede defeat and withdraw quietly just because someone is trying to make a fool out of me.

“Okay, Brother.

Then once Ive built a good foundation of muscle, Ill be expecting you to teach me the art of sword fighting.”

“Of course.

But lets see if you can make it through the week first.”

One week!

He doesnt think I can even make it a week

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“You shouldnt make light of me,” I declare before walking confidently back to the house.

Ooh, my tone and manner of speaking just now, didnt that make me sound like a real villainess

And that was the first time in my life that Ive ever glared at my brother like that.

Ahh, and Alans and Henrys faces when I said that were priceless! Both of their mouths fell wide open in shock.

That would have been impossible for the old me who had such a brother complex, but no more.

I will glare at them as much as I want.

Im already growing into quite the splendid villainess.

I need to keep up this pace so I can quickly polish off my villainy skills!

Merrily skipping, I head off towards the library.


T/N: Super short, but hopefully cute! Alicia has such a big personality, Im expecting great things from her ❤


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