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“So what do we do now with this”


Mel said coldly, pointing at Alan, who was bound to the bed with a rope.

She really was tenacious in her opposition to the Liz faction, wasn’t she

After taking control of the situation, Henry escaped from the house in a horse-drawn carriage and joined Duke and the others.

They then hid in Duke’s house, i.e., a hidden room in the royal palace, after sneaking in through a back door so no one would find out.


Mel really wanted to lock him up in the dungeon, but I felt sorry for him, so Duke and I stopped her.


I looked at Alan.


He was naturally good-looking.

I felt his bone structure was a little like Alicia’s.

I could tell they were related.


Still, when in the world was he going to wake up It had already been ten hours since Alan had fallen asleep.


“He’s not waking up, is he”


“Maybe using a milder sleeping pill would have been better.”


Henry chuckled at my remark.


No, you were trying to catch him without the sleeping pills at first.


I didn’t say it out loud, but I kept it to myself.

There was no end to the number of questions I had to ask them.


“Let’s wake him up.”


Duke muttered and snapped his fingers.


At the same time, a bucket of water fell on Alan’s face.


The power of water magic!But now was not the time to be impressed.

He was the son of one of the five great nobles, and yet he was treated so badly.


“Nn, nn…”


Alan slowly opened his eyes.


We were kidnappers, so of course we covered his mouth with a cloth to prevent him from speaking.

This was essential.


I could see Alan’s eyes widen at the sight of Duke.


Surely, he’d be surprised to learn that the prince was a conspirator in this kidnapping case.


“Ah! You’re awake! Good morning~!”


Mel said cheerfully, waving her hand as she looked at Alan.


Alan’s body trembled in fear at the thought of what they might do to him.


“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you.”


I said, trying to get Alan to be a little less cautious.


Well, he probably wouldn’t believe me, given the circumstances.


“Oh, we’re not going to hurt him”


“Were you going to”


Mel was looking at me in surprise, but I was the one who should be surprised.


When did Mel become such a violent being


“Nn! Nnnn!!!”


Alan was desperately trying to shout, but I had no idea what he was saying.


“I see!!! You’re shouting that you love AliAli!”


Mel said with a twinkle in her eye.


Alan looked at Duke while desperately pleading with his eyes.


“Nnnn! Mmmmm!”


“Henry, take the cloth off him.”


Henry complied with Duke’s words.


“I’m afraid his voice might leak out…”


“It’s magically sealed to prevent any sound from escaping.”


Duke answered my little murmur.


“Then why did you wrap the cloth around his mouth”


“It’s more to stimulate fear.”


Duke said, raising the corners of his mouth.


…Well, I already knew that making an enemy out of Duke would be really bad.


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