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Williams Family’s Eldest Daughter, Alicia (Age: 16)


“Wha, how”


I opened my eyes and saw Victor’s sleeping face in front of me.


I didn’t even know I was in his room.


Lying on the soft, luxurious bed in the morning, my mind was racing as I stared at the long lashes on Victor’s face that were casting shadows in the sunlight.


What a ridiculously beautiful face.

His natural beauty made me resent him even more.


“What are you staring at”


As I stared intently at Victor’s face, he spoke, with his eyes closed.


“What You’re awake”


“Of course I’d wake up if I felt someone staring at me like that, even if I didn’t want to.”


He opens his eyelids, looking depressed.

His yellow-green eyes were dazzling in the morning.


…Rumors might start circulating that I was flirting with various princes.


I should say that training will be the norm starting today! If I was late, I might have to do push-ups again.


Victor looked at me curiously as I got out of bed.


“Where are you going”




“…You really don’t spoil yourself, do you”


Victor muttered in an impressed tone.


Even if he thought that I didn’t spoil myself, this was the norm for me.

I couldn’t afford to miss even a single day of training.

I’d fall short of my goals.


“I’m not going to learn anything by being lazy.”


I smiled at Victor, then bow lightly and left.


I let out a small sigh as I walked out of the room.


I really didn’t want Duke-sama to hear about this one.


I had no idea how I ended up in that room yesterday, but it must have been my grandfather’s fault, right


From now on, no more falling asleep in front of them.

They would take me to Victor’s bedroom again.


I wondered how he would react when he found out who I really was….


No, even if they found out that I was Alicia Williams, they would make me marry Victor for diplomacy.

They could certainly do it.


I should be more careful from now on, especially with the upcoming trip to look for Maddie.


With these thoughts in my mind, I hurried to the training ground.


“You were a few seconds late!”


Captain Marius said, looking down at me, as I arrived.


It’s a good thing I didn’t take the stairs; I jumped down from the second floor to the first.

I was seen by the servants around the building though….


“I’ll come earlier the next time.”


I said as I looked up and saw Captain Marius.


“That’s a good attitude.”


Captain Marius said just that and ordered us to do some muscle training.

We all followed his words in unison.

First, we get down on our stomachs, hands to elbows on the ground to strengthen our torsos.


Put your strength in your stomach and be aware of the abdominal muscles.

I concentrated on avoiding becoming wobbly as I lifted myself.


Morale in the army goes down when any one of us appears lazy, and Captain Marius would hate that.


He would normally have been more angry with me, but after an expedition like that, maybe he was a little more forgiving….


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