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I wondered when I had become so popular in this troop.

At first, everyone was wary of me, but now we’re as close as if we were best friends.


I guess they thought I was going to die on the expedition, but since I came back, I became popular.


As I chewed on my sandwich, I ignored the people around me while they ignored my inattention and just kept talking to me.


I wanted to eat quietly because I wanted to think about things….


“Where the hell did Chibi learn to fight like that”


“Hey, how did you survive in that deadly forest”


“Do you have a master If you don’t mind, I’d like to know his name!”


“Chibi! Ask me anything you want to know!”


None of them called me Ria, so I’d never answer them!


“Please! Just tell me your master’s name, Master Ria!”


Someone finally called my name.


Oh my, I haven’t heard my name called in ages.


“I don’t have a master.”


I answered and put the sandwich in my mouth again.


Oh, this was a ham sandwich.

How delicious.

The chef in this castle must be top-notch.


“Then, did you learn all of these skills on your own”


“How can such a small body accomplish such big things No, it must be because you’re small.”


Everyone was whispering, their voices lower than usual, but I was too busy eating my sandwich to listen to them.


My brother taught me swordsmanship at first, and Uncle Will taught me magic, but I eventually learned the skills with my own efforts….

I don’t really have anyone I could call a mentor.


“I wish the prince would be more interested in me, too.”


“Then you should improve your swordsmanship.”


Someone said this, and Victor’s voice echoed in my ears.

Everyone turned around at once.


See, everyone’s faces turned pale because of his sudden appearance.


“Sorry, we humbly apologize!”


The man who had just uttered the line stood up and bowed his head vigorously at a 90-degree angle.


“Just get on with your training.”


Victor said in a troubled tone, and all of them said “Yes” in unison and started running.


What We were still in the middle of lunch What about my ham sandwich


I reluctantly got up and started to run, only to be grabbed by the collar from behind.


“You stay here.”




I shouted a little angrily without looking at the prince’s face.

I stared blankly at the backs of the soldiers, which were getting smaller and smaller.


If I were the only one favored by the prince in this way, I might get bullied, you know Well, I doubt they would bully me, but I am sure at least a few of them would not welcome me with open arms.


“I have a job for you, brat.”


“Eh~, you’ll have to pay me more per hour.”


“What are you talking about I’m giving you a super important job right now.”


Victor grabbed me by the collar and wheeled me around so that I was face to face with the prince.

His yellow-green eyes reflect my disgusted expression.


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